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IW Sheriff reports burglary series

Published 4:06pm Monday, May 13, 2013

ISLE OF WIGHT—Since the end of March, nine burglaries have struck homeowners in south and central Isle of Wight County, said Kristen Wilda, spokeswoman for the Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Department. She added that an additional five occurred in Southampton County on May 7.

Here is where the burglaries have taken place:

  • Isle of Wight: 300 block of Council Road on March 26; 7300 block of Ecella Road, April 26; 6200 block of Fire Tower Road, May 1; 10100 block of Cut Thru Road, May 7; 4200 block of Duck Town Road, 26400 block of River Run Trail (three instances) and 28100 block of Dardens Mill Road on May 10.
  • Southampton: 11400 block of Wakefield Road, Sedley, 7400 block of Freemans Road, Wakefield, 34500 block of Warrique Road, Wakefield, all on May 10.

In all cases, the crimes took place anytime from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., with entry gained by forcing open side or rear doors, she said. With one exception, there was no one home when the burglaries occurred. In that event, the suspect – described as a black male by the resident – fled the scene when spotted.

Wilda also said the IW Sheriff’s Office has gotten reports of two suspicious vehicles that could be associated with the burglaries. One is a gold Kia hatchback operated by two black males. The second is a small red or burgundy car occupied by three black males, one of whom is wearing dreadlocks.

Residents of both Isle of Wight and Southampton counties are asked to be vigilant and call immediately when suspicious behavior is observed. Contact the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s office at (757) 357-2151 and the Southampton Sheriff’s office at (757) 653-2100.

  • usteeled

    This is not the first time and last time the Southampton Sheriff’s department shows desinterest. This has been going one for years. Our house got burglarized and burned years ago and the Sherrif’s department was never available for updates or follow-ups or even to get more details on the ongoing investigation. Everytime we called the respective person was either out or on vacation and never ever returned our phone calls.

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  • Shondeon

    The one on the 300 block of Council Rd occured twice in 3 months! The victims finally had to move. They even emailed the Sheriff’s department with names of the suspects–two brothers no older than 20 or 21. They are also suspected in a sleu of robberies on the other side of the bridge (Franklin). They claim to have been “investigating.” These young culprits have been stealing game systems and eating snacks out of their victim’s refrigerators. NO LIE

    Folks on both sides of town keep naming the same guys. Everyone isn’t telling the same lie!

    P.S. Zuni1 is correct. The victim’s emails and calls were ignored.

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  • zuni1

    The Zuni/Ivor area has been plagued with a series of burglaries for several months. At least one home has been broken into twice. Southmapton sheriff does not seem to be too concerned, doesn’t return phone calls, and does not follow up with victims. I hop the Isle of Wight folks have better luck catching the burglars.

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