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Supervisor should resign over comments

Published 12:11pm Saturday, May 18, 2013

To the Editor:

Newport District Supervisor Buzz Bailey is so uneducated and insensitive that he stated in an official meeting on May 13th that in Isle of Wight “the South will rise again”.

This man votes on an education budget?  No wonder the schools in Isle of Wight are having their funding cut.  How can someone so ignorant and callous get elected?

There is no place in local government for this type of uneducated, crude, racist conduct.

He should not be voting on any matters anywhere. This dinosaur should resign today.

Amy Sage
Carrollton, Va.

  • gunner58

    In 2013, stupidity still is alive and well. I undertand the man’s concern about the spending in Isle of Wight, but obviously, he has some other issues– that are no longer hidden. Anyone know where his offspring attended school???

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  • skooch

    No I didn’t know all that! It is unusual for someone to comment in the TN that is from Carrolton. As a matter of fact most people in Carrolton do not even know that there is a Southern end of the County.

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  • skooch

    Sounds like a lot to do about nothing. Why is someone from Carrolton writing a letter to the Editor of a Franklin paper anyway?

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    • spider68

      skooch—Do you even understand that the article appeared in the TN? A Franklin paper. Do you also understand that Carrolton is in Isle of Wight?

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  • kingradman

    Poor taste, he should have known better

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