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IW passes $96.3M budget: Real estate tax going up 8 cents

Published 12:52pm Saturday, May 25, 2013


ISLE OF WIGHT—Isle of Wight County residents can count on paying 73 cents per $100 in real estate taxes to support the $96.3 million budget for next fiscal year. The majority of the Board of Supervisors passed the budget Thursday with the 8-cents increase on the 65 cents per $100 rate, but Al Casteen of Smithfield District said no.

“I voted against that because it could have been two cents lower,” Casteen told The Tidewater News. He added that while looking through the proposed draft budgets he found approximately $800,000, which could have meant reducing the tax by two cents. Casteen evidently could not convince fellow board members.

“I’m still working for the citizens even if I’m working by myself,” he said.

Although Byron “Buzz” Bailey of the Newport District voted yes, he said he was reluctant.

“I’ve been thrown under the bus this week, and it looks like we’re throwing citizens under the bus. I really don’t like it,” Bailey said, explaining that he meant county residents who are on social security or having a difficult time making ends meet.

“I agree, but our hands are tied,” said Delores “Dee Dee” Darden of the Windsor District.

“I think we could live with it,” she had said earlier when proposing the 8-cents.

  • tonyjme

    I would love to see a fleet of 20 new fords, they are not in Isle of Wight County, more like a fleet of 20 old fords with 200,000 plus miles being pieced together daily to keep responding. Times are tight and no department is getting proper funding, everyone has been asked to cut for years so eventually it had to catch up to the taxpayers.

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  • Liberty With Responsibility

    When they say there is no more “fat” to cut from the budgets, I am angry that so many departments have paid “spokemen” for these departments. WHY can’t the person in charge actually do the speaking for that department? This is crap that in a rural county like ours, the director has to have a “spokesman” make statements, for a salary. This is PURE FLUFF people. And we’re paying for it!!

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  • skooch

    Carrsville Supervisor Rex Alphin said he was leaning toward the 9 cents, but that 8 cents was “the next best scenario.”

    Alphin and Hall said this was a starting point so I guess we can expect more spending and taxes to come. Maybe we can build another 1.5 million dollar bike path at Nikki Park.

    I wonder how many IOW citizens incomes went up 12% in the last 2 years?

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  • SlimPickens

    There are huge waste in the County’s operations. The School System as well. I guess this is what it is until people make themselves a solemn promise to actually get involved, call write, attend meetings and hearings, take the time it will take to get these folks’ attention and make them understand there are choices besides more and higher taxes. As painful as they can be, cuts have to be made. They will come at the costs of jobs and services. Even the services we each believe we can live without, whatever they are, eventually we will miss it in some way. Now how mad are you that the people we elected to represent us all and conduct the County’s business for us just gave us all ANOTHER colonoscopy, the 2nd in 2 years? We need good Schools in the County, we pay for good Schools, actually we pay for better than we get. We need good Public Safety and EMS too but we don’t need to be spending anywhere near what we spend to pay for that either (Waaaaay too much!). Taxes are out of control and we have been largely unable to elect anyone to serve in the best interest of the Citizens of I.O.W. County. The land purchases the County made a few years ago were the start of what we have now. Our new Sherriff Marshall comes at a high price. A brand new arsenal and a fleet of more than 20 new Fords, now they want to switch to Dodge’s!!! The money we pay in taxes is mis used and squandered and still all our Supervisors know in MORE, MORE, MORE!! It will continue until we all make our voices heard at the courthouse, the computer, the telephone and in person. Welcome the way of things to come!! Either Welcome it or get involved to eradicate it.

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  • happycamper

    The TN is helping IOW to slip this tax increase into existance. How? By referring to it as an “8 cent increase”. If you want to describe a tax, DON’T do it by saying it’s a “penny sales tax”, or its’ an “8 cent increase” in real estate tax!!!

    This increase amounts to a 12.31% increase over last year! 12.31% is a heck of a lot more than most of us got in raises over the last year.

    Call it what it is, TN. This is a HUGE increase in tax on all of us. This one, along with all the others that are “slipped” into everything from meals to hotel stays to healthcare … add them all up, and soon we’ll all be totally owned by government. STOP THE MADNESS OF TAXATION! SUPPORT THE FAIRTAX … AT BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE LEVELS!!!!

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  • Liberty With Responsibility

    This, now, on top of the what, 25% tax increase we already had just last year? Plus the coming hefty storm water per household fee. All this, so our little teachers and the precious kiddies don’t have to do with less! We’re so screwed.

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