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Supervisor calls for another’s resignation

Published 9:28am Friday, May 31, 2013

Editor’s note: Isle of Wight Board Supervisor Rex Alphin read this statement during a board meeting on May 23.

By God’s grace and through his providence, we have been granted the privilege to be called citizens of these United States. By nature of that fact, we, unlike most of mankind up to this point, live within a framework of laws based on the concept of freedom, whereby we may choose, of our own volition, that which we deem our best interest. To live where we choose, decide our vocation, and worship as we please are but a few of the grand benefits we enjoy simply by the fact of our citizenship. The full force of the law stands behind these concepts and guarantees every person their right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I would choose to live nowhere else.

Among those freedoms, as articulated in the first amendment, is the guarantee of free expression. The same law that guarantees any person the right to express a particular view also guarantees any other the right to object to that same view. That principle is evidenced in this room tonight and is a cornerstone of any free society. Let me be clear: we have the right to express ourselves whether those views be popular or not.

But, with that right comes a responsibility. Beneath that freedom lies a moral framework whereby we are called, particularly as leaders, to use our communications to promote what is good and true and beautiful, to call forth that which is noble among us.

Those communications alluded to tonight failed in those arenas. Their insensitive and condescending manner denigrated a people group only because they were a member of that group. By corresponding in such manner, one necessarily adopts a stance of superiority and relegates the other as inferior. I contend that what one finds humorous is indicative of one’s character and is often discloses the heart more than one’s tongue.

It was a Virginian that penned the words “I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal….” This is not some historical document to be framed to fill a space on a wall; it is who we are as a people. It is a cornerstone on which our society is based; a grand destination to which we should strive. And when any vestiges of our past arise that might disavow that statement, it is our right and our duty to speak against such things, lest such ignoble views perpetuate themselves from generation to generation.

It is for that reason I speak against these actions tonight. In light of their content, their tone, their manner, and their message, I believe it to be in the best interest of our board, our county staff and our community that Mr. Bailey step down from his position.

This is very difficult for two reasons. I am very aware of my own multitude of shortcomings. And secondly, I have always considered Mr. Bailey a friend. I still do.

Rex Alphin
May 2013

  • skooch

    Be careful of the words that one speaks in public. For when it is you who makes a foolish mistake they will surly come back to haunt you.

    Maybe, Mr. Alphin, you should spend your time figuring out how to vote no on some of the spending issues so that we do not have to raise taxes 12% in two years after a 25% across the board raise when IP closed. You certainly are a far cry from what you represented to votes when you where running for office.

    Mr. Baily may have used poor judgment in sending some jokes out but he hit the nail squarely on the head when he said that he and the seniors and lower income folks of the County have been thrown under the bus.

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    • SlimPickens

      AMEN Skooch!!! At least I am not the only one in IOW who thinks Rex misrepresented himself as a “conservative” and is really more of a “progressive” in my opinion. Then again, as much disdain as I have for Mr. Baily I cannot find it in my heart to agree with the request for his resignation. While politicians should have the utmost integrity and virtue, they are, at the end of the day human. Rex, on the other hand, says one thing yet does another. I too am really disappointed in his first term. Depending who he winds up with for his opponent, I am not so sure Rex will get my vote again. These people need to understand the answer is not always to raise taxes or find another way to bilk us out of more money. Time for some serious soul searching in this County (and Country!) to look at themselves and make the painful decisions to cut the waste that is so prevalent in this County. This Country’s entire economy is in a shambles, everywhere you look people are suffering. The cost of living is thru the roof yet our pay does not keep up. Makes sense that the County will suffer financially, yet they think the only answer to generate the $$ is to hit the citizens in the hip yet again when it is US who are suffering the most. The County needs to suffer just as we are. How freakin stupid do you have to be to not understand that?

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  • FromHere

    If yall had given it a rest after he apologized the FIRST time, it would all be over. Geez, get a life.

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  • spider68

    Mr Alphin–It is people of your caliber that have made and will continue to make this country a better place to live. My hat is off to you for having the intestinal fortitude to speak out on this matter. THANK YOU.

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