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Where does it end?

Published 9:36am Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The recent revelation that celebrity chef Paula Deen — successful restaurateur, author, cooking show host and Smithfield Foods spokesperson — used a racial slur several years ago shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

But not because Deen was born in the south in 1947 and raised during the racially charged and contentious civil rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

No, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone because almost everyone, including most all who are reading these words today, have used language at least once in their lives that someone else might find offensive.

Does that make it acceptable? No. And the fact that it’s unpopular to publicly say so doesn’t make it any less true.

What should also fail to surprise is Big Business’ decision to immediately distance itself from Deen. Big Business has a long and distinguished history of profiting from celebrities it knows to have private shortcomings, only to cut ties when those foibles become publicly known.

We certainly don’t condone hurtful or offensive language, especially if it is used in such a way as to intentionally inflict bad feelings. But at some point the statute of limitations on a poor choice of words has got to run out. So too should the state of hypersensitivity that exists in our culture today.

  • Dakota01

    let he who has not sinned cast the first stone

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  • Sinoptik

    It shows that big business knows that the run of the mill bigot is becoming a minority in their own right and would rather not take the loss by associating with them. I personally love to see the smack down when it comes.

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  • Liberty With Responsibility

    Like you don’t know people in northern states use the word as well—–like Southerners are the only people who sin. Northern and Western people are just so lilly white innocent. (gag . . .)

    BTW, the Smithfield deal has not been approved yet, by the shareholders or the government.

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  • skooch

    This is as big a revelation as finding out that someone who was a teenager in the 50′s and 60′s tried smoking cigarettes. A 66 year old living in Savanna Ga. used that terrible word. What a surprise! I would bet that just about everyone of the people that are running these Companies condemning her have used it also.

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  • handkusp45

    ….especially when there is a double standard.

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  • nadawa

    Let’s get this straight. Smithfield Foods has now cut ties with Ms. Deen due to her disparaging racial comments. Yet, they just sold their business to a company in a country who doesn’t have a very glowing record in the human rights area. This is absurd.

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  • justthinking

    It’s a sad day when the most talked about headlines are about a 66 year old southern woman who used a racial slur, and what two idiots named their baby….and everyone is shocked on both accounts.

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    • curious

      North is better than some of the other options. I.E. Due, Wild, Head, or my personal favorite SunSetsInDa.

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    • FromHere

      I agree.

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  • SandMan

    Good article!

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