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Boykins man arrested on attempted murder charge

Published 10:46am Friday, July 12, 2013



COURTLAND—A Boykins man has been charged with attempted murder, which allegedly stems from an argument over a drag race, said Maj. Gene Drewery, spokesman for the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office.

Charles Rashawn “Little Ray” Russell, 20, of Owen Street, was arrested Tuesday when he was in court on an unrelated matter, Drewery said, and added, “We were actively looking for him.”

The issue started May 26 when the Sheriff’s Office responded to a 10:44 p.m. call of shots being fired in the 18000 block of Beaton Avenue, Boykins.

“Deputies found a large, disorderly crowd in the area, and shots were fired as they arrived,” said the spokesman. “The deputies were able to disperse the crowd and conduct an investigation.”

There were no reported injuries.

In talking to witnesses, the case was made that Russell was reportedly one of the people firing shots. Russell allegedly fled the scene.

Drewery said an acquaintance of the suspect alleged attempted murder. Other charges are the reckless handling of a firearm and brandishing a firearm.

The suspect is being held without bond in Southampton County Jail.

  • katw

    Boykins has been having an ongoing problem with racing for as long as I have lived here and that has been about 9 years. I went to council meetings when I first moved here to discuss the problem and I got nothing but excuses and run around. Now we have shootings!! The town council needs to wake up and solve the problem before someone really gets hurt.

    Suggest Removal

    • str8outasuffland

      It wasn’t a street race…Where did that even come from???? Looks like the so call “police” need to do better investigation…It was a female ny the name of Quita doing the shooting…And if nobody was shot how can it be attempted murder anyway????Its just a bunch of he say she say…He is being charged for something he didn’t even do and its not right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Suggest Removal

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