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Affordable Care Act still presenting problems

Published 12:34pm Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To the editor:

“Obamcare” was signed into law over 3 years ago, and yet we are still seeing problems and controversy arise as a result of its implementation. The latest in this saga of embarrassments for the Affordable Care Act is the delay of enforcement of the employer mandate by the President’s administration due to a number of burdens which will result in compliance issues. However, these burdens are not exclusive to employers alone; individuals will be faced with the same confusing and onerous laws associated with the act but are not being given the exemption corporations are. I have a child who came to me this weekend wanting to know if he should renew his lease come September or just move back home in order to be able to afford the mandated health insurance required January 2014, because he has no idea what it is going to cost!

Thankfully the GOP has decided to address the issue and will attempt to delay the individual mandate as well. Congressman Randy Forbes has always been a spearhead in deriding the hazards of this ill-conceived law, and my hope is he will continue the fight for this latest installment of injustices to American taxpayers!

Teresa Preston
10457 New Road,
Ivor, VA 23866


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    Here’s another example: A young man enters the emergency room and it is determined that he needs to have emergency surgery. He has emergency surgery, spends a few days in ICU, spends a few days in a regular room, and is released 7 days later. This man does not have health insurance!

    Who is going to pay this bill? Unfortunately, it will be the tax payers!!
    There are definitely pros and cons to requiring health insurance, but I believe everyone should have health insurance. The above true example is just one reason why!

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