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S.P. Morton Elementary principal rescinds resignation

Published 10:32am Friday, July 19, 2013

FRANKLIN—Dr. Debbie Harris Rollins, principal of S.P. Morton Elementary School in Franklin, rescinded a resignation letter Thursday evening that she had previously sent to the board for approval.

Dr. Michelle Belle, superintendent of Franklin City Public Schools, said prior to the board’s closed session, Rollins sent a message electronically. Belle also spoke with Rollins over the telephone briefly to confirm.

“I am excited about this,” Belle said. “The board is happy that she will be in place this fall.”

Belle said that when she spoke to Rollins, that no reason was given for rescinding or the resignation. Belle never had to present the resignation to the board during closed session, since the item was rescinded before the closed meeting.

Belle had previously received the letter of resignation on Tuesday, stating that her last day would be Wednesday, July 31.

“It all happened so quickly and unexpected,” Belle said.

Calling the announcement shocking, Belle also said she’s been in administration for a long time and, “These things happen. We have to keep moving forward so our kids can get the best education.”

In a separate letter to her school’s staff before rescinding her resignation, Rollins gave no reason. The statement read, “Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you during the 2012-2013 school year! It has been my absolute joy to serve as principal of S.P. Morton Elementary School. Hopefully you saw that EVERY morning that I stood in the main hall to greet students, staff, parents and visitors.”

Staff Writer Stephen Cowles contributed to this report.

  • DBenton

    Show me the test scores… Show me the difference she has made while employed here. The proof is in the pudding. It is nice to talk about how she is friendly with her students, how she supports her staff professionally, etc., but VA DOE cares about student performance, period! With the State, it is ALL about scores.

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  • Teachers Who Know

    It seems rather interesting that the principal resigned on a Tuesday and then UN-resigned on a Thursday and sent the notice via electronic e-mail. Who was on the receiving end of that email and why were they able to get the email just minutes before the 7pm school board meeting to consider her resignation? Sounds like a weird set up.

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    • JustWondering

      I don’t know what you know, but we are just glad that she is still at SP Morton! She was the best thing to happen to this school in a LONG time!

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