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IW school superintendent decides to stay

Published 10:58am Friday, August 9, 2013

ISLE OF WIGHT—Isle of Wight County Superintendent A. Katrise Perera has ended her job search, according to a press release issued Thursday from Kenita Bowers, school spokeswoman.

This past spring, Perera, who’s in the second year of her four-year contract, announced to the school board she was seeking “leadership opportunities outside of Isle of Wight County Schools.”

Though the reasons were never stated by the superintendent, Bowers had written in a press release at that time, “In light of the recent occurrences that have taken place within the county, Perera felt that it was in the best interest of her family to seek new opportunities.”

The announcement came in the middle of preparing a new school year budget and the start of the issue involving school board member Herb DeGroft and supervisor Byron Bailey’s controversial emails.

She had since interviewed for positions in Florida and Louisiana, her home state, but neither granted her the jobs.

The school board then publicly said it would back Perera for as long as she was employed as superintendent.

That support was reiterated Thursday by the board.

“We appreciate the dedication that Superintendent Perera has shown to the students, teachers and staff of Isle of Wight County Schools,” said School Board Chairman Robert Eley. “Her priorities as a parent are understandable and her reaffirmed commitment to our school division is commendable. We look forward to progressing in a positive direction under her leadership as we continue preparing our students for educational excellence in the upcoming school year.”

“I have some concern that she may have lost some staff support, including teachers, not just central office,” said Kent Hildebrand. He is the school board member for the Newport District. “I personally talked to her and assured her she has my 100 percent support. Also, I told her that I’m going to keep my eye on her and hold her a little more accountable. She’s assured me she’s back 100 percent, and I hope that’s really the case.”

The announcement goes on to state, “…Perera acknowledges it was difficult to consider the possibility of leaving and graciously thanks the School Board for their flexibility. Encouraged by her family’s intensified desire to remain in Isle of Wight County and support from numerous stakeholders, she is excited about moving IWCS forward in a positive direction.

“I remain steadfastly committed as Division Superintendent to Isle of Wight County Schools and dedicated to collaborating with our teachers, staff, administrators, and community as we lead our 21st century learners on the path to educational excellence,” said Perera. “We have a solid team in place that can truly take our students to new heights and I am positive that we will make great strides in the upcoming school year.”

  • SlimPickens

    The County is off the chain with their spending. Property taxes in the last 2 years have increased approx 25% and they continue to spend like there is no tomorrow. Katrise Perera is a whole seperate expense in itself. Our pervious Supt. took us for a ride as well. Continuing to do the same thing and expect different results is some’s definition of stupidity. Our B.O.S panders to the community, tells them what they think they want to hear and do whatever they want when they think no one is looking. I am over my guy. I sure hope someone with some fiscal responsibility runs against him next time. The County thinks the only way to generate money to satisfy their addiction to spending is tax the citizens into poverty. Things will change….just can’t happen soon enough.

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  • johnhenry

    It appears that we are stuck for the next 3 years. The teachers have no hope for a long time. A buy out for the Supt. would have been cheap in regards to the loss of education for 5,000 students.

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  • am

    She decided to stay after she couldn’t get a job elsewhere. Wow…brave thinking.

    Next we’ll be hearing that “some mistakes were made” in the purchasing and implementation of the I-pads. “However, I needed it implemented when it was – without proper teacher training – because my dissertation depended on it.”

    Not holding my breath for that one.

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    • BlindSquirrel

      Provide your proof.

      I am not holding my breath either.

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  • toofunny

    Yay (said no one)…….

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  • RoyDeSoto

    She decided to leave before she decided to stay. We don’t need wishy-washy leaders.

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  • SlimPickens

    And our irresponsible leaders will give her a raise or two between now and the time her contract expires, watch and see. This Lady is incapable of leading a small School system to passing AYP, how in the world will she find other “Leadership Opportunities” elsewhere? We have stuck our necks out here paying more than Top Dollar for a mediocre Supt. If MY B.O.S member votes to give her a raise he will lose my vote!!!

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    • BlindSquirrel

      Her contract does not allow for a pay raise unless teachers receive a raise.

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