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Where is Franklin Pellets?

Published 10:37am Friday, August 9, 2013

To the Editor:

In early May, you published a story titled “Where is Franklin Pellets?” It’s a good question, and one that, to my knowledge, remains unanswered. In the time since, I certainly haven’t heard a peep from Terry McAuliffe.

So I ask: Terry, where is Franklin Pellets? We’d sure love to see some of those jobs you promised. Otherwise, why should we trust you to be our governor when you can’t even keep the promises you’ve made outside of government?

Dotti S. Holland

  • rdarden

    McAuliffe is a crook and everyone knows it. He has used millions of so called “green energy” dollars and everything he touches goes bankrupt.

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  • Va Native American

    Check in China. McAuliffe is opening factories over there instead of creating jobs here in VA. ;)

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