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Windsor sells police car for $1

Published 11:51am Friday, August 16, 2013


WINDSOR—A newly formed police department in northern Virginia will soon receive an additional police car for the price of $1, thanks to the Town of Windsor.

The Windsor Council adopted a resolution Tuesday declaring a decommissioned police vehicle, a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria, as surplus property, thus allowing the Windsor Police Department to sell the vehicle for the low sum to the Quantico Police Department.

“Quantico’s small department currently owns one vehicle,” said Windsor Police Chief Vic Reynolds, “and desperately needs help.”

“This is a hardship case,” Reynolds went on. “Although the town is composed of only 40 acres, it is completely surrounded by the Quantico U. S. Marine Corp Base, making the police force quite active.

“They need another vehicle for a part-time officer until they can accumulate enough funds to purchase another one.

“Our vehicle, a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria, is not in the best of condition,” Reynolds added, “but it would help serve Quantico’s needs.”

Windsor had been looking into other means of disposing of police vehicles.

“Typically, Windsor has disposed of the decommissioned vehicles by auction or sale,” said Town Manager Michael Stallings. “But they bring very low prices, and we have been looking at other possibilities to dispose of them.”

Stallings added that selling the vehicle for $1 would satisfy provisions of town policy.

In another matter, council agreed to apply to the Virginia Department of Health-Office of Drinking Water for a $50,000 grant to upgrade and revise the town’s system map.

In other business, the town council:

• Will meet with the Virginia Department of Transportation on drainage issues in town;

• Received the quote on software for the Webcam project, and waiting on the hardware portion;

• Received from Isle of Wight the draft scope on Rte. 460 sidewalks, and will send to VDOT for review.


  • Chip Schott

    Here Here…..
    In Southampton County, this kind of fiscally responsible hate speech will get you attacked for not understanding the good to be found in liberalisim, and for being an uninformed and ignorant voter.
    Maybe Windsor has to find a way to get rid of all the ticket money that they collect for the town….

    or should that read “from the town”

    Suggest Removal

  • Liberty With Responsibility

    It was probably dreamed up by some town staff employee, who stuck the idea in front of the council for a vote, and no one had the guts to say “no.” Happens alot with weak-kneed politicians who are led around by the nose by our public “servants” that we pay to “run” our localities around here. The elected officials just do what the county employees tell them to do. Bass ackwards! Our whole system is backwards. Town/county staff should not be making motions to do ANY THING, but they essentially put the agenda out there in front of the elected officials, and pressure them to vote on it. We ought to require ALL motions and ideas for motions to ORIGINATE from elected officials, not staff. We would be much freer today if that were the case.

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  • Franklin Native

    I wish more questions were asked like how low are low prices? Why was the town looking for other ways to dispose of the vehicle? Is there something we don’t know that makes this more then a charity case?

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  • JOHN

    They could have sold that car to help the police dept. pay for a lot of things, Fuel for their cars, overtime, training, and so on. Things the tax payers are footing the bill for now. i bet their are thousands of police departments all over this country that need help and i wish them the best but you don’t give away what the citizens- tax payers spent their money on in their district. Poor management of others peoples money.

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  • kingradman

    Why wasnt it “sold” to a local area , like southampton, ao any of the small towns that could have used it

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  • RWH

    Darn it. I would have given them $5, painted it in my favorite Dallas Cowboys theme and bought me some 24′s. I missed out on that deal again.

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  • shocked

    The vehicle was a 2008- why was it in such bad shape? Most people keep vehicles much longer than 5 years. Was regular maintenance not performed on the vehicle?

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  • Liberty With Responsibility

    Exactly—-since when did the taxpayers authorize the town council to act as a charity agency? Where is that authority granted, to take taxes from local citizens, by force of an armed police force (if the taxpayer refuses to pay voluntarily), and then turn around and give it away to other people in another locality who apparently decided poorly to incorporate themselves into a legal subdivision, when they cannot pay their own basic bills? Do those town council members now feel all “good inside” for giving away something that was not theirs to give?

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  • SlimPickens

    Taxpayers living from paycheck to paycheck and our quaint little town has so much of our money they can sell a used Police car for $1. This is a noble thing when the economy will support it but in times like these you better get every penny you can from every sale of surplus you can make. I mean that is the fiscally responsible thing to do ……..oh wait, why would I think anyone on the Town Council is fiscally responsible? Or the Board of Supervisors?…….my bad, never mind.

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