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Southampton Indians fall 50-0

Published 12:20pm Saturday, August 31, 2013

POQUOSON—The Southampton High School Indians did not execute the fundamentals of football in their 50-0 road loss to the Poquoson Islanders, said Southampton Coach Willie Gillus Jr.

“We didn’t tackle, we didn’t block,” Gillus said. “Basically, we just ran up against a tough, senior laden Poquoson team.

“Poquoson played excellent. They were fundamentally sound and physical. They played like a senior laden team.”

Gillus said the biggest trouble spots were on the offensive and defensive lines.

“Their defensive line was dominant against our young offensive line,” the first-year head coach said. “They exploded up front early.”

There were some bright spots in the blowout, however.

“One good thing with tonight, is that we saw the kids continuing to play,” Gillus said. “I was proud that they continued to fight, regardless of the score. We never hung our heads low.”

A couple of players also stood out.

“At the end of the game we found Jaquan Ryland, a tail back who ran really hard and physically,” Gillus said. “Special teams wise, I thought we executed. Russell Ballance did a good job punting.”

The coach said the team would head back, review the tape and work on improving.

“We have a plan for this football program,” Gillus said. “We are going to continue to work with the kids in a positive manner and get them on track. We knew it was not going to be an overnight thing.

“We are going to have to continue to do what we have been doing all summer, work on the fundamentals. We’ll continue to teach, and continue to get better.”

The Indians have their home opener Friday, Sept. 6 at 7 p.m. against the Smithfield Packers, who opened up with a home win against Surry County 34-6.


  • formerresident


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  • rdag300

    Say what you will, as I have never had the pleasure of meeting Coach Gillus in person, I trust this year that will change. Believe me when I say, this man knows football and how to motivate players. He is on the same level as Sussex’s Coach Jefferson, Franklin’s Coach Parker, and Surry’s coach Jones. His resume speaks for itself. The young men at Southampton High School will ultimately know football, but more important, Coach Gillus, like these other fine coaches will teach life lessons that these young men will carry with them for the rest of their lives…

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  • mule

    I do not think any coach has ever lost 50-0 in the last 20 years. WOW! Bring back Coach P.

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  • olbones

    You gotta give the program a chance , it ain’t gonna happen over night . Them glory days happened when the kids worked in the fields and on the farms and were a little tougher and harder than now. You don’t get tuff on the play station and texting and watching tv , you gotta get outside and play kill yhe man with the ball. Thats all you had to do in the 60s and 70s Ha Ha Ha !!!! Go BIG RED !!!!

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  • realist

    Not trying to run down coach, just pointing out that this coach or past coaches are not the problem or the solution.

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  • chilimac72

    Missed amongst the negativity of losing to a good veteran team are a few things I noticed. One, the athletes look the role much moreso than they have in the past, or simpler the efforts in the weightroom showed. Second, when they got down there was not the quit I have seen in the past. This is the result of believing in the coach (we parents have not had the time to convince our children otherwise) Last, I have first hand seen the increased focus on academics with a version of mandatory study hall and coaches getting to know teachers. Change does not come quickly, but more important than my son playing at the next level would be my son being eligible to play at the next level with stronger academics. I see the good, keep it going in the right direction coach and we will laugh at the neigh-sayers down the road.

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    • MyHometown

      Thank you.well said. These kids are building something much better than a football resume.

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  • realist

    Sooner or later ya need to realize paying 60 grand a year for a coach doesn’t solve the problem of little johnny not having the desire to play and excell. No matter how much the people who pushed for the change of coach want to go back to THEIR GLORY DAYS the kids have to have what it takes and that needs to come from home. I’ve been to enough games to see the decline in parental support from the glory days. If mom and dad don’t care why should little johnny

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    • Sedley Sam

      if you were such a “realist” you would know that one game does not define a coach’s ability. Give the man a chance. I believe he will get little johnny to play better.

      The parents are a problem though….they guide their kids to travel baseball and AAU basketball teams instead of football. Those same parents believe their child has what it takes to play college or pro ball when most of them are just average.

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