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Boykins child abuse case going to circuit court

Published 11:01am Friday, September 6, 2013

COURTLAND—After a preliminary hearing Thursday in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, a Boykins man will face the Southampton County Circuit Court on four charges related to child abuse.


Edward Person Sr., 35, had 11 charges against him, said his attorney, Fred Taylor. Two of the charges the Commonwealth Attorney would not prosecute, but Taylor said he did not know why.

Ultimately, Taylor said, an aggravated malicious wounding charge was certified as a felony by Judge Alfreda Harris.

When a judge certifies a charge, it means there’s probable cause and it can go on to a grand jury, he said. If it’s not, Taylor added, essentially the charge is dismissed, unless the Commonwealth Attorney decides to re-indict.

Another felony became a misdemeanor, and Person was also found guilty of two assault and battery misdemeanors.

In the JDR court, a right of appeal is automatic.

“I’m appealing on his behalf,” Taylor said of Person. “He will not serve a sentence, and the case now goes up to Circuit Court.”

None of the charges against Wanda Singletary were certified, added Taylor.

The couple were arrested in early May following an investigation that began in January, according to Maj. Gene Drewery, spokesman for the Southampton County Sheriff’s Department.

Originally, Person was charged with seven counts of aggravated malicious wounding, one count of injury by a caustic agent, explosive or fire; two counts of assault and battery of a family member; and one count of abuse and neglect of children. Singletary was charged with one count of abuse and neglect of children, and he had been released on bond.

The children remain in foster care.

  • Kmart3008

    This is a very sad story. I am just glad that something is being done.

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  • cscj27980

    Wow…so sad to read about another of my high school classmates with charges. Heartbreaking indeed.

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    • edper

      Who ever this classmate is. I just hope and pray that all these lies that has been brought forth on me be dealt with. I just pray to god that i beat these four charges.I had 11 total,But god is working in my favor.I am 36 years old taking care of my mom who has dementia.I don’t have time for this nonsence.Just pray for me my friend.

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