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IW school board to consider accepting safety grant

Published 10:28am Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ISLE OF WIGHT—The Isle of Wight County School Board will consider whether or not to accept an $86,000 state grant to bolster security in five county schools.

The meeting is set for 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 12, in the county courthouse. A work session is set for 5 p.m. The money would be used to get cameras and rear-door access points for Hardy, Westside and Windsor elementary schools, as well as Smithfield and Windsor high schools.

The condition of acceptance is that the school system must match $25,000.

Should the board give permission, the finance staff would ask the county’s Board of Supervisors to allow the schools to use $36,000 in the capital budget.

In other scheduled school business:

• There will be an update later that evening of the Safety and Crisis Plan for the division. This will include an overview of a committee meeting and division manual.

• Laura Able, assistant superintendent, will present the current pupil/teacher ratio to the board for the division.

• Anthony Hinds, manager of Financial Services and Procurement will dispose of IT assets that have little to no value. This was already OK’d by the board. He was able to find someone to take the 10-year-old E-Macs out of storage at no charge.

• The board will be asked to start a P-Card pilot program in the high schools. This will be only for student activity funds. No impact on the budget is expected.

• Tammie Rollins-Hines will talk about the new Instructional Leader of the Year criteria that will be effective on the board’s approval.

• Ron Reese, director of student services, will give an update on the collection of athletic and parking fees.

• The board is looking to have a joint meeting the supervisors in early November. The date, time and location are also still to be determined.

  • SlimPickens

    These grants are DANGEROUS!!! One of the last “Grants” I.O.W. accepted wound up costing the taxpayers a pile of cash so we could supply our High Schoolers throughout the County with $500.00 apiece Ipads that had nothing on them aside from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….all the ‘Social Media’ one could ask for but not a single useful book that is actually used by the School system. A grant should be exactly that, but these days a’Grant’ hurts us taxpayers due to matching funds. Be Careful!!! Of course who am I asking to be careful? A bunch of irresponsible people that call themselves our Board of Supervisors? What a joke!!!

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  • JustReading

    So if the grant calls for a $25,000 local match – why is the board asking for $36,000??

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    • BlindSquirrel

      Meeting Date: 9/12/2013 – 7:00 PM
      Copied below is the actual request. The School Board was not asking for $36,000. They are asking the BOS to let them use $25,000 of the already approved and budgeted $36,000. Do not always believe what is reported…check the facts yourself.

      Category: Business
      Type: Action
      Subject: 15.9 Security Grant Approvals
      File Attachment:
      Summary: As reported by the Daily Press, Isle of Wight County Schools has been awarded $86,000 for door access points and cameras for Hardy Elementary, Windsor Elementary, Westside Elementary, Smithfield High, and Windsor High Schools. To be able to accept the grant, we must match $25,000. This capital budget allows for $36,000 in rear door access points for our schools. I request permission to accept the grant pending state notification and permission to request the Board of Supervisors to allow us to use this Capital Budget amount to fund our $25,000 match.
      Funding: Potentially from Capital Budget
      Member ( ) moved, member ( ) seconded a motion to: Allow Finance staff to:
      1) Accept the grant to our budget pending official notification from State of Virginia
      2) Grant permission to ask Board of Supervisors to modify Capital Improvement money to supply match and ultimately allow the change to our budget.
      Recommended By:
      Signed By:
      Anthony Hinds – Manager of Financial Services & Procurement
      Signed By:
      Christina Berta – Executive Director of Budget and Finance
      Signed By:
      A. Katrise Perera – Superintendent

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