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Virginia leaders urged to limit carbon pollution

Published 11:40am Saturday, September 14, 2013

To the Editor:

The threat of flooding and sea level rise constantly plagues Hampton Roads. Now, a new report reveals the biggest culprits causing the global warming pollution, which scientists warn will bring even worse extreme weather in the future.

Environment Virginia Research & Policy Center finds that a Dominion subsidiary is the state’s biggest carbon polluter, with their most polluting plant producing more global warming pollution than 1.2 million cars each year.

I urge Virginia leaders like Senator Mark Warner to support limits on power plants’ carbon pollution. We can’t afford to wait to act on climate, so it’s critical that Senator Warner step up and support action.

Madison Poche
Environment Virginia

  • happycamper

    I’m all for reasonable efforts (and reasonable expenditures!) to monitor and lower the levels of greenhouse gas production. I’m also all for a DEFINED ENERGY POLICY at the federal level. The problem is the use of scare tactics by environmental groups which make us think the world is coming to an end! The dire predictions of melting actic ice have been proved grossly overexagerated. During this past year, the polar ice cap has grown significantly. Let’s just stick to facts, and quit telling folks that Franklin will be oceanfront property in a few years!

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