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Terry McAuliffe trying secure endorsement of Mayor Bloomberg

Published 10:19am Saturday, September 21, 2013

To the Editor:

A recent Politico article informs us that liberal Democrat Terry McAuliffe was recently up in his home state of New York trying to secure the endorsement of gun-grabbing Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In Virginia, we prefer our governors focus their efforts on their constitutional responsibilities, as opposed to meddling into the calorie content of our fast food or spending every waking moment discovering new ways to violate our Second Amendment rights.

But, Terry, if you think New York City is a model of good governance, I recommend you throw your hat in the ring for mayor there and leave Virginia in peace.

Dotti S. Holland

  • JV

    McAuliffe is an example of what is wrong in America. He should be in jail and instead he’s running for governor.

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  • tswhaley

    McAuliffe is one of obamas (Satan) demons who will only do more destruction to our state. All dems are under his spell and destroying our country.

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  • rdarden

    Terry McAuliffe is a crook…period. Anyone who goes to Bloomberg for an endorsement is obviously pandering to people whom I will never agree with; and quite frankly are an enemy to the US Constitution.

    His attacks are so old. Scare the elderly, education cuts will layoff teachers, scare uninformed women.

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  • handkusp45

    I could not agree more! And how many jobs did Terrific Terry crate with his venture at the mill? This guy is like Obama….smoke and mirrors.

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  • olbones

    Need to vote for SARVIS and shock them all both Demo , and REP, are represented by crooks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • johnmstx

    Great letter. Now we see that outside money is going all out to influence the VA race for Governor; “Washington Post 9-22-2013″. It’s bad enough that McAuliffe was “anointed” by the Democratic machine without the benefit of a primary. Terry is no friend of Virginians, he is a hack for the Democratic party. Hopefully Terry will be identified as such and defeated. Stand idle and he wins; get involved and we can dump him and his ilk.

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  • Liberty With Responsibility

    I agree—I’m fed up with carpet-baggers from outside Virginia coming to our state and trying to run our lives, like they think the northern culture is so much superior to ours! Now, one wants to be our governor. Again. Just like Kaine (Minnesota/Missouri) and Warner (Indiana/Illinois/Connecticut)and Allen (California). We must have a self-esteem problem, as a state, since we seem to think we cannot raise up people of enough character and intelligence enough here in Virginia to be our own governor. Local folks who own guns need to be wary of putting this guy in office, since he wants the support of the enemy of the second amendment!

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