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Southampton: Pay your taxes early

Published 11:09am Saturday, September 28, 2013

To the Editor:

I am sure County residents have noticed that their tax bills have been sent out early. The County has a cash flow problem that will require the County to borrow money to pay our bills .Taxes paid early will save the expense of borrowing this money.

We have the opportunity help our County save money. If you can, please pay your taxes as soon as possible.

Thanks to David Britt and his office’s employees for getting the bills out early.

John Burchett

  • olbones

    I ain’t seen mine yet But I’m sure they will arrive shortly just as sure as the sun rises, LOL

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  • hrs1970

    If the County would have implemented the suggestion of taxes payable twice a year instead of just once, they wouldn’t have this problem. And it would benefit those of us who struggle to pay our taxes (and the “trash fee”) in one lump sum!

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  • Va Native American

    That would be easy for those who have extra money just laying around to help bail out the elected officials of the County for mismanagement of funds. How about we send some money to Washington to stop the Government shut down while we are at it?

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  • happycamper

    The county certainly has known for a while now when folks are required to pay taxes! Seems as if they’d manage their loans in such a way as they would come due in late December after the tax income was in the bank!

    Pay early. Right!!! Looks like time to take a look at “negotiated” the loan!

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  • kingradman

    LOL , MUST be on board of supervisors

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