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Broncos outlast Parkview

Published 1:26pm Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Franklin’s showdown with Parkview was a battle between two undefeated teams, and for the entire game the schools went touchdown for touchdown.

In the first quarter, Parkview scored first with a 5 yard run, but the extra point was blocked. Franklin’s Porter answered with a 58 yard run, and the Broncos converted the extra point. Parkview’s quarterback threw a 28 yard TD pass, and the Dragons made good on a 2 point conversion. On the ensuing kickoff, The Broncos’ Porter returned it for a 98 yard TD run. Franklin then scored on a 24 yard TD.

The second quarter was dominated by Parkview, with James Brown starting the rally with a 16-yard TD. Parkview’s quarterback then ran a 1-yard bootleg for a touchdown. Their rally was broken when Franklin scored on a running play for 19 yards. Parkview’s Cliborne answered with another 1-yard bootleg TD run. All extra points in the quarter were good.

In the third quarter, James Brown of Parkview returned a kickoff for 97 yards but had the extra point blocked. Franklin’s Porter scored next with a run for 11 yards into the end zone. The extra point is good.

Both teams scored at will in the fourth quarter.. Franklin jumped out with a 14 yard but had the extra point blocked. Then Parkview’s Cliborne put a 36-yard pass in Nigel Stanley’s hands for a TD. The extra point was blocked. Franklin’s Porter went back to the end zone on an 80 yard run, and the Broncos made good on a 2 point conversion. Leroy Allen of Parkview ran 5 yards for a TD followed by a 2-point conversion. But the scoring ended there, with the game ending with Franklin winning by one point, 54-53.

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    Too bad Parker won’t participate in the player of the week. Corey Porter had the game of his life and will not get any public attention.

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