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City to hold public forum on schools

Published 10:48am Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FRANKLIN—The City of Franklin is looking into two potential dates for a public forum on the Franklin City Public Schools.

The dates and times are depending on the availability of an attorney. Wednesday, Oct. 16 and Monday, Oct. 21 are being considered.

A joint meeting between the city and the schools is planned for Wednesday, Oct. 23.

Mayor Raystine Johnson-Ashburn said she had heard that the public did not think she was concerned about the situation with the schools, but she said she is.

“The state of our school system is troubling. I am very concerned,” she said.

“I just want to do it right. We need to make sure what is in the council’s authority, and that we are in order.

“The children are our future.”

The public forum meeting is to first give council an opportunity to meet with an attorney and have questions answered on what they can and cannot do, and then to give citizens a chance to speak.

“We will come out and give a public overview on our limitations and restrictions as it relates to school,” said Johnson-Ashburn. “Then we will open it up for public comment.

“It also gives the people a place to put their grievances to council,” she continued. “We will take ideas and questions with us to the 23rd meeting and, hopefully, gain answers from the school.”

The meeting on Oct. 23 will involve first getting an update on the school budget and then discussing the academic review so that council can understand it.

“It will help us understand where the schools are,” she said.

Following that, the council will share with the school board concerns brought up during the Oct. 16 or 21 meeting.

  • joewiththedirt

    The politicians in Franklin nor the school board members have the ‘Nads to fire their friends or neighbors. They wont hold anyone accou.table for their actions/results because they themselves are clueless how to fix the problem or who could do it. They will pay some firm to study it though and then ignore the recommendations! Theyve proved that before!!

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  • Typhoon

    Well here we go again stop pussy footin around DROP THE AX lower the boom Fire them or what ever when some one is not doing the job and you have it on tape and other evidence show them the door get rid of them. Enough is Enough.

    Suggest Removal

  • A

    Its past time for consolidation. Immediately after Franklin became a city informed educators felt the independent school would be too small to be effective and that is more evident now with expanded focus on technology, college credit classes and vocations. Consolidation is one more elephant in the room being ignored for what reasons?

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  • SlimPickens

    Nothing will come of this Public Forum. “We the People” have overwhelmingly showed our dismay for the current state of affairs in Franklin City Public Schools by more than 1 poll. Overwhelmingly “we the people” have asked, stated, DEMANDED the School Board be flushed from top to bottom and now the City wants to hold a “public forum”? Pleeeeeze…..stalling for time, another paycheck, whatever……Our elected leaders, from top to bottom, from the national level all the way down to little ‘ol Franklin Va, these folks just do as they please and say “the hell with those who put me here”. Over and over and over…..

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  • Tim Bradshaw

    I think a public forum is a great step towards understanding the problems and working towards a better solution. I think our Mayor is doing the right thing by bringing the schools and city together on this as well as involving the people. I would like to hear what parents are saying. They know first hand what their children are saying about what’s going on in the classroom. I would also like to hear what the teachers are saying. Hopefully we will hear from both parents and teachers at the public forum.

    This may be a good time to consider having a school board that is elected rather than appointed.

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    • thomasmore

      might be a good idea to show up on time…and sober…with freshly laundered clothes…just sayin’…ya know, for the kid’s sakes.

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