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Raiders remain unbeaten

Published 1:27pm Wednesday, October 2, 2013

By Frank Davis/Correspondent

Courtland—In a barn burner of a football game between two unbeaten teams, it was Southampton Academy that came out on top with a 80 -60 win.

The game stayed fairly close until midway through the fourth quarter, as the Hobgood Academy Raiders put up a good fight Friday night at Pillow Field. Southampton Academy Coach Dale Marks stated after the game “they have a very talented group of players.” Southampton Academy had their hands full trying to stop Hobgood’s Greg Mullins, as he single handedly rushed for 365 yards and 6 touchdowns during the game. “They are quick and strong and get out front and block for him as he does his thing,” added Marks.

But for the home team, they were not without their horses in the running game. Tonee Hill rushed for 234 yards and 3 touchdowns, followed by Ethan Edwards with 127 yards & 3 td’s and Matt Rose, who rushed for 120 yards and 2.

Marks commented that he was proud of his kids as they stuck it out in the second half.

The home team jumped out to a quick 14 – 0 lead early in the first quarter following touchdown runs by Ethan Edwards and Matt Rose. Hobgood’s Mullins got his first touchdown in the first quarter on a 17 yard run. The first quarter ended with Southampton up 14–6.

In the second quarter, Southampton Academy pushed the score to lead 44 – 28, and seemed on its way to an easy win. Scoring on touchdown runs for the Raider were Cameron Hines, Edwards, Rose and Hill.

But opening the third quarter, Hobgood’s Mullins broke free on a 50 yard td run on the opening kick-off. He also ran the two point conversion to close the score to 44–36.

On the next Southampton Academy possession, Hill broke free for a 55 yard td run and Rose added the two point conversion to increase their lead to 52 -36.

Hobgood came right back and Jawan Marshal scored on from one yard out to put the score at 52–42 after a failed two point conversion.

Southampton Academy’s next score came on a td pass from Rose to Hill, and though the two point conversion failed the home team went up by a score of 58- 42.

Mullins added the last td of the third quarter as it ended 58 – 48.

In fourth quarter action, Hill scored from the 35 yard line, and Rose crossed the goal line for the two point conversion to increase the Raider’s lead to 66 – 48.

On Hobgood’s next possession, the unstoppable Mullins bobbed and weaved his way for 65 yards to close the score to 66 – 54.

Southampton’s Cameron Hines scored next on a 19 yard run and also the two point conversion as the score changed to 74 -54 with 6:30 remaining in the game.

Hill added the last of Southampton’s scoring on a 24 yard run to advance the score to 80 – 54.

Mullins added his last td on a 29 yard run.

  • simplifyingit

    usedtobehome….comparing apples to apples would be nice, Franklin is that other proverbial apple. Lake Taylor or Ocean Lakes not so much.
    in a battle between the Broncos and Raiders 8v8, i would ascert that the SA boys would likely put up 40 on them too and if it were 11v11 what would that change? both teams would be adding a couple of skill players and a lineman. I also will tell you that most of the SA and FHS athletes do compete against each other in other leagues and other sports and the stars are still the stars when competing on even terms. Marcus Stephens is still at the top along with Tonee Hill and some others they all have the same talent levels and backgrounds. The best athletes in the western tidewater area still don’t compare to the best from the hampton roads., nor would your NC athletes.Your average NC athletes/small high school can’t compete with SA either because of the talent level at every position. But i digress, not wanting a debate.
    My personal credentials don’t match yours but you must be failing at those positions if you have time to discredit me or a small private school like SA. Or are you jealous?

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    • usetobehome

      Laughing…Obviously your a SA fan, as we all are of all the kids in general on all teams from the area I hope. Didn’t mean to hit your passion button.

      You hit mine when you said some folks don’t know what they’re talking about. You attempted to discredit my statement with opinions, not facts. If it’s facts, fine. But here’s the challenge I have- “I surmise that SA’s 8 could beat the snot out of the SHS “big red machine???? HA HA” in an 11 vs 8 scenario right now.”
      Based on historical, and relevant data there’s not good reason to suggest that would hold true, or beating Franklin who’s ranked #2 in the state in their division, Really? If it’s true in football, it must also be true in every other sport that SA has a good team that may have an equal, or better Win-Loss record right?. If you say it’s so, it sure would make the next few years particularly interesting. If SA is that good, the strong will get stronger with the ability to continue to attract talent to a winning program. It should make more kids want to defect from the local public schools to play for the chance to win a championship. Along with maybe they could jump to an 11 man program again like a few years back, and have the chance to go up against any of the bigger schools that would agree to schedule them should they risk the chance of defeat. Then you have your apples to apples scenario and any debate would be surely over. If that didn’t work out, then they could say they tried and go back to 8 man in the independent league they currently reside.

      Another broad sweeping statement – “your NC athletes can’t compete with the athletes in Hampton Roads”. – Interesting to learn, facts on that also please.

      I enjoy talking sports, and like to keep up with the local teams. Truly hope they all do well. Two champions from the same area would be really sweet, that says something for the area, and good sports teams are positives for the community.

      PS., Not failing, or jealous at all. The views are real good from my seats. Promise I wouldn’t trade you, bet on it!

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      • simplifyingit

        Not an SA fan, lifelong Bronco here. But facts are facts starting with my statement about the caliber of athletes at FHS and SA, which is very close to EQUAL. If they played each other 3/5 the results would be pretty telling at basketball and football. Include baseball and those same athletes would slaughter FHS every time.fact. Another place where SA excels….intelligence,fact. FHS football/basketball athletes could never compete in academics and as a city resident that bothers me.

        As for the SHS statement……there isnt enough of the true athletes there playing football to make them much of a problem for anyone.

        As for the NC athlete statement….it may have been a little unfounded but i dont think any HS in the nearby 3 counties of NC could put together a football team that could beat this years Raiders.
        I have no intention of disputing jobs, sports knowledge with you. I just hope you love your job as much as i do. Also hope your sports knowledge brings you joy because my LIMITED knowledge satisfies me! Good day Sir. :-)

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  • joewiththedirt

    Cisco….tackling was not the biggest problem although there were some missed, the biggest reason the scores were so high is that Bell from.Hobgood and the numerous talents from SA are “That good”. Bell has tromped valiantly over 5 other teams for similar yardage.

    The Raider talent is phenominal, some from local public schools which is why they are so good. The SA team is comprised of athletes from throughout southampton county, Franklin and nearby Carolina and is sorta an “all star” contingent.

    So employee2 is correct…both defenses struggled to contain the athleticism of their opponent. But not because of coaching or talent mismatch. Southampton Academy is now on a 26 win streak, i think, so the coaching staff must know a little something about tackling

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    • simplifyingit

      some people have no clue what they’re talking about joe! look a little further down and “usedtobehome” chimes in that “8 Man football, whole game is centered around offensive skill players. Most stats will look impressive. Not taking away from the kid, they just wouldn’t be as likely to run wild on a field with a full d-line, 3 linebackers, and full secondary.”
      I surmise that SA’s 8 could beat the snot out of the SHS “big red machine???? HA HA” in an 11 vs 8 scenario right now. Heck in a half SA would probably beat FHS, but then the 17 man roster would start to tire against the Bronco 34 man roster? I know id sure like to see them play each other.

      And the Hill kid is not the leading rusher, nor TDs nor tackles,noir anything else on the Raider squad according to stats listed. He’s just one tooth on the saw blade that is buzzing through opponents.I heard they’re a very talented group that may be just as good next year and they’re losing a half dozen seniors.

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      • usetobehome

        simplified-I’m not suggesting that the Raiders aren’t good, you took my comments out of context. For the league that they are in, anything than a championship would be like the Miami Heat not winning the NCAA tournament at this point. (Much less the NBA).

        Just like most private schools in the modern era, they have some good players that would otherwise be okay, to moderate standouts on public school rosters. Or in the case of the larger city private schools, the really good players are sent there to polish them personally and academically before they are on the big stage in front of various media outlets, etc.

        Think a little larger here than lining them up against Southampton-What you would be actually doing to truly measure their skills, is line them up against all the other UNDEFEATED schools in the state, such as Franklin. Line up their best 8, against SA’s best 8- offense and defense and see who comes out on top. I believe you would find quickly that up against any public school that is 5-0 or 6-0 at this point in the season the Raiders will be mismatched at most if not every position.

        If your not convinced that is enough proof that I don’t know what I’m talking about, you then would look at how many of those same schools with undefeated records in those top 8 positions- offense and defense already have, or will receive division 1 football athletic scholarships. Again the Raiders aren’t fairing to well against all others in this category are they?

        Finally, I would challenge your comment by letting you know that I think I may know a little something about what I’m saying being that I’ve been title sponsor for the NCHSAA for the past 3 years and placed the ribbons around the state champions for multiple sports during this time, come to know 100′s of coaches, and AD’s, and attended what seems to be dozens of their association meetings. I might have picked up a few things along the way. The teams in the Carolinas that SA’s plays are not in the NCHSAA, but they would not even remotely even stack up to private school powerhouses in the Carolinas and the talent that they have that are in the association, much less the public schools that make the playoffs and not to mention eventual state champions.

        That along with the fact, I’m partly responsible, and heavily engaged, and featured in, the multi-million dollar marketing sponsorship for an NFL team, working directly with the players, I may know just a little something, maybe.

        I’m sure you may have more working knowledge and expertise though than I, it sounds by your comments your day job would be at “ESPN”.

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    • joewiththedirt

      Sorry…my statement is referring to Greg Mullins of Hobgood not Bell. Got my rosters a little mixed up

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  • employee2

    Sounds like a “defensive struggle”, both defenses struggled!

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  • cisco

    I believe coaches need to teach tackling at practice. I would be ashamed if I was a defensive player after that game.

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  • chilimac72

    Yeah, there is a lot of scouts that have asked me about him. He has great numbers, and their opponents always mention him as someone to focus on. Overall, he is obviously a very good athlete but they are unsure of how his football skills can/would translate to as they put it “big boy football”. I tried to reference past performances when he was at SHS but I saw very little of him (but how long has he been playing ball, I saw baseball stuff back in 2010)

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  • usetobehome

    8 Man football, whole game is centered around offensive skill players. Most stats will look impressive. Not taking away from the kid, they just wouldn’t be as likely to run wild on a field with a full d-line, 3 linebackers, and full secondary. If they could at that point the big time scouts would be calling their name for the next level. 80 points though is 80 points, and that is pumping out some serious yardage when you don’t have the take aways and turnovers.

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  • formerresident

    The Hill kid sounds like a beast!

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