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School news merits extra coverage

Published 10:20am Friday, October 11, 2013

On page six of today’s paper, if you haven’t already seen it, you will find a new addition that we are excited to share. For now, it’s simply called School News, and it will appear each and every Friday as a collection of photos and stories showcasing many of the good things that are going on in our local schools. Most importantly, it will highlight the students and teachers who make those good things happen.

Many of you are likely surprised to read that The Tidewater News believes there are any good things going on in our local schools, given our tenacious coverage of the things taking place in our schools which are, well, not so good. But we know positive things are happening every day, and we want to share those things with our readers.

We have published school news in the past, and were glad to do so. But this new page, which will likely be up to two pages within a couple of weeks, will be different. This will stand on its own, and won’t share space with any other type of news or information. Our students and teachers deserve a place all to themselves, and this will be it.

We also don’t think that School News is a very catchy name, so we’re going to ask for your help. Let us know what you think this new section of The Tidewater News should be called. If we decide to use your idea, we’ll tell our readers where it came from and brag on you a little in an upcoming issue.

We hope that you all enjoy this new feature in your newspaper as much as we look forward to putting it together for you.

  • happycamper

    I have an idea for a title of the new section. Why not make it a dynamic title … one that changes over time.
    You could start with “Wha’s Up at de Skool?”
    Then, as the schools improve and begin to move off the bottom of the state’s list, you can improve both the grammar and spelling little by little until we’re satisfied that we’re finally moving in the right direction.

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  • Nicholas Owen

    “Nuthin’ To See Here” would be a catchy title, seeing as how the SP Morton administration doesnt want any parents paying attention to what’s printed in this newspaper, as was stated at the September PTA meeting.

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    • JustWondering

      That must be why she sent home an invitation inviting parents to come to the school every month to hear about the school’s progress as a priority school. She put it on her website also so I guess she is REALLY trying to keep folks in the dark. Plus now that I think about itthat wwasn’t even her that mentioned the newspaper. That was the superintendent. You trying to further the lies or you saying all Black people look alike to you or you just don’t know who’s the superintendent and who’s the principal? Or maybe you’re just ignorant?

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  • broman

    Who is writing these articles ? Find them and break the comma key on their keyboard.
    ‘Moving Forward’ ‘Aiming High’

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  • RWH

    “New School News” should be the title.

    ….because when Franklin gets to the root of the current problems and removes that cancer, no one will want to return to the “Old School Practices”

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