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Courtland interchange project up for bid next fall

Published 3:37pm Tuesday, October 29, 2013

COURTLAND—An interchange that would place a bridge over U.S. 58 at Route 742 is set to go up for bidding next fall, said Jennifer Gwaltney, Virginia Department of Transportation public information officer.

The purpose is to improve traffic flow by eliminating a signal on U.S. 58. Loops, a ramp and a spur will be added to create the interchange, and a right-turn lane will also be added to accommodate businesses along the 58 eastbound lane, she said.

The project is estimated to cost $26.5 million, and is fully funded in the FY 2015 Six-Year Improvement Program, said Gwaltney.

A maintenance of traffic plan will be developed prior to construction to help minimize the inconvenience to motorists.

  • ChubRobin

    I have suggested to VDOT a sweeping traffic circle in this area, which would come in at a fraction of the cost, keep traffic moving (at a reduced rate) and eliminate the traffic light. Traffic circles can effectively be utilized in these situations, but lack the estetic pleasantry and design requirements of on-ramps, off-ramps, and over-passes.
    Just sayin’.

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  • MyHometown

    Have they considered the impact on the businesses from 7-11 to dairy queen? It is already tough getting in and out of there. If we remove the light people will get killed supporting those businesses. Then they will have to move or close down.

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    • Maxdoubt

      There is a right turn lane proposed from the current light’s location to the Dairy Queen. This lane would allow for vehicles to enter and exit those businesses safely.

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  • mule

    this will help with the accidents at that mess…….better late than never

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  • JOHN

    So removing 1 stop light to speed up traffic, that most people are braking the law by speeding anyway is worth 26.5 mil. ?? What a f-ing joke

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  • FromHere

    Shame they didn’t do that when they built the bypass the first time.

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