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Terry McAuliffe elected governor in close race

Published 10:31am Wednesday, November 6, 2013

FRANKLIN—Democrat Terry McAuliffe will be the next governor of Virginia following a race that came down to the wire.

With 98.11 percent of precincts reporting, McAuliffe received 47.43 percent of the vote, Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli received 45.81, Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis received 6.62 percent, and .14 percent voted for a write-in candidate.

With all 15 precincts reporting, Cuccinelli took Isle of Wight County with 53.85 percent of the vote. In Franklin, McAuliffe won 59.17 percent of the vote with all 7 precincts reporting. With all precincts reporting, Cuccinelli won in Southampton County with 50.45 percent of the vote.

Democrat Ralph S. Northam, of Norfolk, was elected lieutenant governor with 54.88 percent of the vote with 98 percent of the precincts reporting. He defeated Republican E.W. Jackson.

At 11 p.m., the attorney general race was too close to call. Republican Mark D. Obenshain had 50.02 percent of the vote, while Democrat Mark R. Herring had 49.97 percent.

For the House of Delegates, Republican Rick L. Morris was reelected to the 64th district. He ran unopposed. The district includes parts of Isle of Wight and Southampton counties and parts of the City of Franklin.

Democrat Roslyn C. Tyler was reelected for the 75th district for the House of Delegates with 62.66 percent of the vote, with 76 out of 76 precincts reporting. She was challenged by Republican Alvin L. “Al” Peschke, who received 37.27 percent of the vote. The district includes parts of Isle of Wight and Southampton counties and parts of the City of Franklin.

Locally, with all three precincts reporting, independent Tina L. Hill was elected as the Hardy District representative for the Isle of Wight County School Board with 50.83 percent of the vote. She defeated Independent Alvin W. Wilson, who claimed 48.45 percent of the vote. This is the seat formerly occupied by Herb DeGroft, who decided not to run following the public revelation of controversial emails that he and Newport District Supervisor Byron “Buzz” Bailey had privately shared with co-workers.

Incumbent Independent Robert L. Eley, running unopposed, was elected to the Carrsville district seat on the school board.

Independent Rudolph Jefferson of Smithfield, running unopposed, was elected to the Hardy District seat for the Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors. He is replacing Chairperson JoAnn Hall, who announced earlier this year that she would not run.

Also running unopposed, Independent Rex Alphin of Walters was reelected to represent the Carrsville district on the Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors.

In Franklin, Brenda B. Rickman was elected commissioner of revenue, while Dinah M. Babb was elected treasurer. Both Independent candidates were incumbents running unopposed.

These results are unofficial results. Election results are made official after the county and state canvass of votes occurs. No more than seven days after the election, the county canvass will happen. No more than 27 days after an election, the state canvass of votes occurs.

  • bustem

    I could not vote for McAuliffe after he basically lied to the people of Franklin. Made a big splash about his pellet plant and then disappeared. I think he is a lot more talk than action.

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  • curious

    If the 11K+ people that did write-in vote and 33% of those that voted for Sarvis had voted for Cuccinelli the results would have been different. I have never really understood why someone would do a write-in vote, you may as well not even cast your ballot unless it is an effort that is known by all.

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    • independent

      I wrote in the name of Bill Bolling as a protest to the Republican party for going the convention route and squeezing out better/other potential candidates.

      Despite the fact that I was unhappy with all three candidates , if I had no other choice, my vote would have gone to McAuliffe…because he can do less damage with a Republican General Assembly.

      A vote for Sarvis and/or a write-in says nothing about either of the other candidates except they were both unacceptable!

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  • RWH

    I don’t care how you cut it, in the end Virginia will not fair better with McAuliffe as Governor. Maybe this used car salesman will be different than most. I might need to buy a chevy volt to drive to the next gun show.

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  • bigbarrett

    Why not have McAuliffe as a representative of Democrats or Proggressive party.Like local school systems,put someone in charge that doesn’t Know what or how to do a thing and someone will have to come along latter and clean up the mess.The Cuc is a much better man overall than this CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • SlimPickens

    A race that should have been a landslide for the Dems winds up being a nail biter with Cuccineilli losing by single digit percentage points. Democrats out spent Cuccineilli by 5X and the Republicans ‘abandoned’ Cuccineilli all together because of his “Tea Party” affiliation. What I take away from this whole thing is this…..Tea Partiers should be very proud, almost put Cuccineilli in the Govenors seat with ZERO help from our ‘supposed’ friends the Republicans. At the end of the day, McAuliffe may be a liberal Democrat, backed by the likes of Obama and Michael Bloomberg but he faces a Republican “Super Majority” here in Va where Republicans hold 67 seats and Democrats hold 33. That alone should wake up the rest of the political world. Our day is coming….sooner than many might believe!!! Go Tea Party!!

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    • independent

      As my handle indicates, I am an independent. I am a fiscal conservative. I want the government to spend taxpayer money as though it was hard earned just like mine is. I am; however, dismayed by the social antics of too many people aligned with the Tea Party. I will never vote for a candidate like Cuccinelli who wants to get into my personal life. If McAuliffe had been a more acceptable candidate himself, that landslide against Cuccinelli would have materialized.

      I chose the ‘write-in’ route hoping what happened would happen. Cuccinelli lost….and McAulffe will be tied up in the General Assembly. No forward progress is better than having someone like Cuccinelli trying to legislate things the government has no business being concerned with.

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  • rabbit1956

    Check this article out about your new governor…very interesting to say the least!

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    • employee2

      Interesting, but not shocking. And “Mother Jones” is hardly a conservative website.

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