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Service to others merits our gratitude

Published 9:38am Friday, November 8, 2013

Election Day has come and gone. As Virginia Republicans cry and the Democrats cheer, we think it’s more important to take the opportunity to thank the local folks who are willing again – some for the first time – to serve their respective communities through the offices they sought and won.

True, there was no competition for people such as Franklin’s City Treasurer Dinah Babb, or Commissioner of Revenue Brenda Rickman.

Nor did Carrsville’s Rex Alphin and Robert Eley have to worry about anyone who wanted their seats on the supervisors and school board, respectively.

Del. Rick Morris, R-64th, had no challenger. Though Del. Roslyn C. Tyler, D-75th, did have competition, she also retained her position.

We like to think that, by and large, each stayed where they are because their work speaks for itself. That is, the voters have confidence in what these people have been doing.

At the same time, Isle of Wight welcomes newcomers Rudolph Jefferson and Tina Louise Hill for the Hardy District seats of the supervisors and school boards. They’ve stepped up as their predecessors have decided to retire.

None of these offices promise truckloads of money and fame.

Instead, there are seemingly countless meetings to attend, messages to answer and constituents to help, to name a few responsibilities.

Yet, the aforementioned people are more than willing to spend their time and energy.

But that’s kind of what citizenship is about, isn’t it? The willingness to invest oneself to help others.

  • Second Opinion

    Thank you for your continued services. It is somewhat stressful to serve the needs of divided communities but we are slowly but surly getting their as the voters understand that their plights are common and collective solutions are obtainable.

    One thing voters need to understand. Their representative’s are not mind readers nor have all the answers, so they need to attend regular scheduled public meetings with their input and offer possible solutions to items discussed. Democracy is more than the coming out party we throw on election day. It is the daily potluck meal served at the table of citizenship. There is no guarantee that your appetite will call for everything on the menu , but the odds are there will be enough there to keep you energetically engaged.

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  • handkusp45

    Most of these offices offer many headaches with little appreciation for the effort. I’m sure they are grateful that the TN noticed. Nice of you.

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  • Liberty With Responsibility

    At least sometimes, it helps to be in power to get a regulation changed to favor your personal industry, or a project or permit you have invested-in approved. Even if you recuse YOURself from the vote, it helps to have allies who vote your way. It ain’t always selfless.

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