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Parent defends teachers on bus

Published 11:42am Saturday, November 23, 2013

To the Editor:

I am writing this in response to the article titled “Parent worries about safety of children in Franklin schools.” I am a parent of a fourth-grader, a ninth-grader, and an eleventh-grader and I also happen to be a teacher at S.P. Morton. I do NOT fear for safety of my children, nor do my children.

My oldest child happened to be on the bus when the alleged sexual battery incident occurred. She sat in the middle of the bus and had no idea that it had happened. The girls were quiet and didn’t make their bad behavior obvious.

I do NOT blame the teachers who were on the bus. When riding with a group of girls, you just don’t think of this ever happening. I know they are monitoring differently now, but I don’t at all believe because of this bus incident that the two teachers now make the school unsafe. That’s just crazy.

My oldest child has had the PRIVILEGE of having one of these teachers for three different subjects; algebra II, chemistry and now honors physics. This teacher also oversees Academic Challenge.

This teacher is dedicated and is an awesome teacher! She was Franklin City School’s Teacher of the Year last year and I hope my other children will have her. I don’t want her to go back to her engineering job making $50,000 more a year. She not only can teach and teach well, but she also cares about the students and relates to them.

My daughter says, “She’s tough and you have to work hard but she cares and she’ll help you any way she can.”

When some people read the article, I heard them say, “Yeah, why are those teachers still there?” I wrote this response to let people know that things aren’t always as they appear. Sometimes there is more to a story.

Cherle’ Karmilovich

  • handkusp45

    Perhaps there needs to be a change in procedures. For instance, how about the teachers on the bus taking a walk to the back of the bus at regular intervals? I don’t know what is expected of the teachers on trips such as this. And I don’t know if they were asleep or involved in conversation or what. But evidently they weren’t overseeing the students. I appreciate that this teacher is considered one of the best. But the bottom line is that this should not have been allowed to happen to students on a school trip.

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  • shocked

    Thank you for this letter! It appears that you are active in your children’s education and they are performing well. It amazes me how students/parents are never held accountable in many of the posts here. I am sure the teachers appreciate having parents like you!

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  • southampton71

    Perspective is always a valuable thing…I know a lot of hard working teachers all over the area, who are DEDICATED beyond their contracted time, to only get MORE dumped on their plate……teachers get BLAMED a lot….when will central office volunteer one day in our schools and parents take responsibility as a child’s FIRST teacher….??

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  • skooch

    Who should be gone are the students that where involved in this….all of them!

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  • spider68

    Ms Karmilovich. Thank you for your perspective on the previous letter. As is always the case, in this local area, there are the over reactors to absolutely everything that happens. How someone could class the entire school as being unsafe because of this one incident is beyond belief.

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