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An important decision

Published 11:18am Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Next Tuesday, the Franklin City School Board will meet in closed session to discuss, according to the published meeting agenda, “the performance of the superintendent of the school division.”

What will really be discussed, practically speaking, is the future of the superintendent of the school division. The division superintendent, Dr. Michelle Belle, is currently under contract with the school board until June 30, 2014. Under the terms of her contract, the school board must provide notice at least 6 months prior to the contract’s termination of whether it intends to renew her contract or not. That means a decision must be made by the board, and communicated to Belle, no later than the 31st of this month.

Plenty has been written and discussed in recent months, much of it on this very page, about the topic at hand. So much so that it would seem pointless to rehash most of it now.

But what does seem important to remind ourselves of, especially on the eve of such an important decision to be made, is the reason so many have engaged in these months of vigorous debate – the children of Franklin. At the end of the day, they are the ones most negatively impacted by underperforming schools, regardless of whom or what is to blame.

We urge the school board to remember whose fate is truly in their hands when they decide whether or not to extend of the current superintendent’s contract. The children of this city and their future depends on it.

  • mileomore

    I am so surprised that folks in the Franklin community, especially the parents of the students, have not been more vocal about all of this. But, oh yes, that’s right… I almost forgot. MOST of the parents don’t have a vested interest in their children… they are simply a “pay check” for them. And, while we tax-paying workers are “paying their check,” they are busy doing other things while they are content to leave the rearing of their children to somebody else… ANYbody else… just don’t bother them with all of that stuff “cause they ain’t got time for that”! But, seriously… the handwriting is in the wall, folks… and, it’s time for Bell – and others – to go before we completely waste away. For Whom the Bell Tolls? I would say, the TKO bell has rung for Belle herself… she needs to GO… and, right away… don’t even wait until the end of the school year! We’ve pulled this before when the situation was not as dire as it is now. It’s time for history to repeat itself on this one!

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  • rock

    I agree it is past time for change.If the school board does not see this, then just like in Norfolk it is time for the people to hold them accountable and replace them and get a new superintendent.The facts do not lie and if the state can see this then why cannot the school board see this?

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