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Poachers give hunters a bad name

Published 9:50am Friday, December 6, 2013

There’s a word for poachers – in addition to several others that we can’t print here – and that word is greedy.

This comes to mind after hearing about a bear’s carcass found in a ditch on Millfield Road this past weekend. Whoever killed the animal lopped off its head and back paws as obvious trophies, but decided the rest was garbage. Wasteful, there’s another epithet to describe poachers. And when the person or persons responsible for killing the bear are caught, they should be charged with that gross waste.

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Conservation Police also reported that they determined the animal was killed before the firearms bear season began, which was this past Monday, and continues to this Saturday, Dec. 7.

That’s where the greed comes in – that poachers won’t wait and want to get the choicest parts for themselves before anyone else.

Our hope is that the guilty party is found and suitably punished. What effect, if any, that might have is a question mark, of course.

Meanwhile, responsible hunters in Western Tidewater are marked to a certain extent by the misdeeds of the poacher(s). Non-hunters will blithely group and condemn them all in a single breath.

Poaching, like other serious crimes, should not be ignored or condoned. We urge anyone with information relating to the aforementioned deed to come forth and report it. If you have any information on this crime, contact the Wildlife Crime Line at 1-800-237-5712.

  • jeffturner

    Well stated SP. I watch all those Game Warden shows on Tv and it just blows me away. Its hard to believe the extremes people go to illegally harvest wildlife. I saw one in California I think where some ethnic group (can’t remember which) had this huge network of illegally selling bear parts and abalone. These people cared nothing for the laws and did not care that the abalone are endangered. It was crazy. I don’t know if stuff like that goes on round here but its bad enough every year I have to report people illegally setting herring nets at night or catching 10 shad, going to their car and dumping them in then go back and get 10 more when 10 per day is the limit. These idiots are the exact same people that when VDGIF has to put a moratorium on keeping shad like they did with herring, these same people will bitch about the fact that now they can’t keep anymore when thy are the ones that caused the state to put the moratorium in place. Anyway, there are some stupid people in this world.

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  • SlimPickens

    I agree whole heartedly!!! Not only Poachers, but every last Hunter who does not OBEY the laws does nothing but give all of us who enjoy hunting a black eye. Trespassing, turning dogs loose on posted property, retrieving dogs on posted property while carrying a gun, the list of infractions goes on. Ethical Hunters do a world of good for the citizens of Va. While Va. ranks 6th in the Nation for deer/vehicle collisions, imagine what it would be without OUR help thinning the herd? Talk to any Conservation officer and they will readily tell you the best tool available for VDGIF to maintain the Whitetail Deer herd is the hunter. Then we pay the State to allow us to perform this service for them. Hunters are a mis-understood bunch. I will agree the Hunting community brings problems on ourselves every time we ‘turn a blind eye’ or fail to turn someone in for doing something illegal while hunting. We have got to police our own ranks if we expect to maintain the privilige to hunt as we do today.

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