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Is there a university somewhere in the country teaching stupidity?

Published 10:05am Wednesday, January 15, 2014

To the Editor:

I have been thoroughly disappointed with the performance of the Republican-controlled Congress for the past four or more years without question. However, just as I was beginning to build up a slight bit of confidence in at least one Republican, the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie—because he had shown some semblance of intelligence in a few actions he had taken and some statements made—wow! If he is found to be responsible for this very stupid decision that somebody made, he has blown the roof top off all the building blocks of confidence and trust that anyone was trying hard to build.

What is wrong with so many of the Republicans aspiring to high offices or that are already in office? Are their constituents happy and pleased with their performance? Do they believe they are being correctly and fairly represented? Do they support the nonperformance of Congress for no logical reason than to repeatedly try more than 20 times to repeal the “Affordable Health Care Plan,” which they have renamed “Obama Health Care Plan?” Don’t they ever stop to really “THINK?” It appears they have not as yet read the full affordable health plan, which accounts for their lack of understanding it.

Here again, we have people being fired, resigning and pleading the Fifth Amendment because apparently they are afraid to tell their story or admit their involvement. Regardless of who is to blame, it is the most un-thoughtful thing the dumbest person could have done. Could anyone believe disrupting the lives of thousands of people, in a situation as important as routine daily travel would go unquestioned? Remember all involved, there’s a famous quote made by William Cullen Bryant, “Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again.”

Ruby H. Walden

  • happycamper

    Mrs. Walden,

    I think your disdain for Congress is on target. However, I think you’d better look again to see who is controlling it!! Last I looked, the Dems hold the presidency and control over the senate. That’s two out of three for the Dems, and the House of Representatives is in the hands of Republicans. Are you sure about your facts?

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  • Maxdoubt

    It seems clear from this letter and from the comments on the letter that there is no shortage of stupidity in political discourse today.

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  • handkusp45

    OK, I am breaking my News Year’s Resolution to not openly contend with ignorant people. But if this Mrs. Walden’s letter doesn’t justify response I don’t know what would. Is she serious? A liberal atually questioning the morality of someone, or rather anyone else? “Here again, we have people being fired, resigning and pleading the Fifth Amendment because apparently they are afraid to tell their story or admit their involvement.” That is the very last statement I ever imagined I would hear an Obomanite make. Has she ever heard of “Fast and Furious”, The IRS Scandel, or the terriorist murder of four Americans blamed on a video? And, by the way, it just came out that Nobama knew almost immediately that it was an act of terriorism and not just a protest. So he lied, Hillary Clinton lied and their flunkie Susan Rice lied. And yes, Hillary, it does matter. Four Americans cried out for help and Nobama ignored them because it would have hurt him politically to send help and admit that he hadn’t won the war on terror. Because this was coming before his re-election bid he simply turned over and went to sleep. Their death is on his hands. But Mrs. Walden is worried about a bridge closure and the performance of the Republicans? She mentioned conservatives changing the name of Obamacare. Nobama, himself, called it that when he was trying to get it passed into law. Now that it is proving to be the utter failure anyone with a lick of sense thought it would be he wants to call it the Afforadible Care Act. Does she really want to talk about someone not taking responsibility for their actions? There is so much more that I could mention but it would be a waste of time. Let’s face it Nobama is the first President we have ever had who can get away with anything. It’s just a shame he is destroying the future for our children and grandchildren. That includes yours Mrs. Walden.

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    • employee2

      I guess Ms. Walden missed Lois Lerner from the IRS invoking the fifth? Also who had their statement “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it, period” classified as the lie of the year?

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    • 2xhokiepapa

      Well Said!! The only thing you missed was the narrow-minded do it my way or nothing Senate that is controlled by (yep!!) the Democrats. Years ago I had an older lady say to me the difference in Washington is that in her day they had Statesmen and today we have a bunch af dang Politicians!! I personally can not believe the Senate are yes boys and girls for Obama and whatever he wants.
      Best thing that can happen to America is to have term limits for all Three Branches.
      It is clear this lady has a very narrow-minded agenda and must have gone to that university and received her masters and Phd. from there!!

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    • spider68

      As usual handcup, I knew you could not stay away. Too completely buried in your Limbaugh dogma. While you are at it, why don’t you include the cries of over 4500 dead bodies and 50,000 seriously wounded vets from a WMD lied into war. Please don’t conveniently forget about them, and who that can be attributed to.

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      • handkusp45

        Spitter68, You could at least get my handle correct if you are going to single me out for an attack. The things I said have nothing to do with Limbaugh. But if he agrees with what I said then that would make him correct. I noticed you did not disagree with what I said but rather compared me to the most popular talk show host in history. Thank you so much and God bless. Opps, my bad. I forgot you don’t believe in God.

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    • Liberty With Responsibility

      . . . . .. BHO destroying the future for her kids and ours? Well, let us hope she never did find anyone willing to help her reproduce her “special” kind, bless her heart. Maybe her branch of the “family tree” stopped with her?

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