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Delegate to host telephone town hall

Published 10:41am Wednesday, January 22, 2014

RICHMOND—Delegate Rick Morris (R-64) will hold a Telephone Town Hall for all resident of his district. The date is Thursday, Jan. 23, beginning at 7 p.m.

The purpose is to gather input on important issues and concerns that may be considered by the General Assembly during the 2014 Session.

“I am honored to represent the people of Virginia’s 64th District and look forward to hearing their opinions on these important issues we face in the upcoming 2014 session,” said Morris. “I urge all citizens to call in for the Telephone Town Hall on Jan. 23 and voice their concerns on the issues that affect our state.”

To participate, the dial-in number is 855-756-7520, ext. 23455.

  • jeffturner

    I attended this and it was such a one-sided loaded venue. He only took a very few questions, but here is the thing. A person was given a chance to ask a question. However that was it for that person as then Del. Morris would say why is was for or against it. This way he always seems to be right, mostly because he f=gets to explain why his position is what it is. The caller asking a question only get to ask a basic question, so that caller really never has a chance to state or explain why or how he or she stands on an issue. In other words I was going to ask: Why Del Morris are you in favor of destroying 500 acres of wetlands in the Blackwater watershed for a Rt460 that the polls are saying the majority of the people do not want? He would have gone on to answer why he thinks thats a good idea. For example he would have said the old 460 floods, thats one reason we need a new one. So the public thats listening who does not know that for a lot less money you could fix the old one, they never gets to hear that idea from the caller, they only get to hear his reasoning. Because the caller only gets to ask a question.
    Its a really one sided game it seems even though I know there is a finite time to do such a call based meeting, its still a farse.

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