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Board took proper action on 460

Published 11:10am Friday, January 31, 2014

The proverbial cooler heads prevailed during this past Monday’s meeting of Southampton supervisors. That’s when the board was called on by Riverkeeper Jeff Turner to make a stand and declare its position about the proposed Route 460. His plea, as one would expect, was to say no to the toll road. Its construction, Turner believes, will be an environmental disaster for the area, especially the Blackwater River, which is under his protection.

For that and other reasons, a few members were almost immediately ready to join him in his opposition to the project.

Other supervisors pointed out that they are also concerned – worried, even – about how the county could be impacted as a whole. But to make a formal declaration of war, so to speak, could likely deprive the county of any say-so in what may or may not happen next with 460.

Instead, the resolution drafted and unanimously approved calls on the board to do what it can to ensure that if the project is to become a reality, then the environment and the people must get more than a cursory nod from agencies.

That action, in our view, is not wishy-washy or just politics, but wise counsel.

  • Maxdoubt

    So the Board took a public stand to look out for the environment and commerce of Southampton. Isn’t looking after the best interest of Southampton kind of their job description to begin with. This looks like Mr. Porter’s way of diffusing the situation by watering down to sentiment of the Board. Seems like they said “Thanks very much for your concerns Mr. Turner, we share them but we have decided not to take a stand after all.”

    It is clear from Mr. West’s remarks from a previous story that the 460 Project managers don’t give a dang about the politics or commerce of Southampton. Some of the citizens and a Supervisors feel disrespected and marginalized by the process up to this point and rightfully so.

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  • jeffturner

    Yes, the Blackwater Nottoway Riverkeeper organizations position and mine is “no”. This article is correct, I did not ask the board to oppose the 460 project, I only ask the board to take a stand publicly.

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