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Franklin man wants to be next mayor

Published 10:57am Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FRANKLIN—Since moving back to Franklin in 2007, retired Marine Kenneth Sanford has had run ins with the city regarding utilities, and he’s decided to do something about it.

“It affects me, it affects everyone,” he said. “I’m a veteran on a fixed income. I’ve got a small business, but the recession has hit it.

“I had my electricity turned off some time Tuesday.”

Sanford said he is running a write-in campaign for mayor because he’d like the city to have some leniency toward people who can’t pay their bills, and to create a longer time frame until the power is cut off, so that residents could get on aid programs, which takes time.

“As a common man, I’d like to get in there and help other common men like myself,” he said.

As a marine, he lived without power for 20 years, including while serving in Iraq, the retired gunnery sergeant said. He said he could live without power until his check comes in, but others might not be so lucky.

“It doesn’t matter how hot it is, or how cold it is, they will turn it off,” he said. “If you are elderly, or you are sick, are pregnant or you have kids, you might need the quality of life that having power affords you.”

Sanford said he was also concerned about the Madison Street Block Grant project, which could help revitalize homes and infrastructure in the neighborhood to the tune of $1.3 million. The trouble is that new state regulations are requiring poor people to pay money back.

“I’ve never heard of people having to pay back a grant,” he said. “Grants are citizen-funded in the long run by taxes, so you are telling me that you are going to charge me for my own money?”

Jobs are also a concern, in particular the Franklin Incubator.

“The incubator should be more inclusive,” he said. “It should also do more outreach, so people know more about it. The city needs to do a better job encouraging entrepreneurs in Franklin beyond the standard retail, which can only get you so far.”

Sanford makes his living bidding on government contracts. He mostly works in security and logistics.

Voting will take place on May 6, and incumbent Mayor Raystine Johnson-Ashburn is the only candidate on the ballet. To vote for Sanford, you’d be required to write in his name.

“If elected, I will be fair, compassionate and try to do what I can for the City of Franklin,” he said. “I’ll do what I can to expose why we do the things we do, and not leave people in the dark wondering why.”

  • happy2

    Spider68, we have not received a cost of living raise in five years. I guess we must be in a different military if you have received yours.

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  • handkusp45

    Mr. Sanford must be the reason the Marines are still looking for a few good men. People like him tarnish their image.

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  • olbones

    Just what we need , one more freeloader looking for a handout !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • employee2

    I hate the term “fixed-income”, most people that work are on a fixed income. My check is the same 90-95% of the time. There are occasional one with overtime involved. Also with a fixed income it should be easier to budget one’s money.

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  • a hart

    I just read this article and are you sure this is Kenneth Sanford or McLemore? I smell a rotten fish. Too many similarities for me. Why did he wait until now to speak? Why didn’t he go and and get signatures like Mayor Johnson-Ausburn? Why do we have a retired veteran who can not keep his lights on? So many why’s and no answers. Kenny, I really wished you had of thought about this before you went this route. Now you have been exposed and I will be looking at you from now on with a great big ?(question mark) over your head. You have really been lead down the wrong road and definitely by the wrong person(s). Just plain pitiful.

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    If you’re not smart enough to turn the thermostat down, turn off some lights, and/or get a job you want me to vote for you for mayor? Really!?

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  • chilimac72

    This is a joke and embarrassment for all veterans. I believe we all are being trolled on this one.

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  • justareader

    Wow…just WOW!! I’m speechless. You want to run for mayor but can’t pay your utility bill to the point of being cut off? Whew…

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  • handkusp45

    Mr. Sanford, I believe that if you have Spider68 and myself writing comments against you that you are doomed. We rarely agree on anything. And if you are McNomore’s man I know you are doomed. Sorry.

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  • simplifyingit

    He’ll fit right in.

    Make sure the “majority” knows about this guy…..they’ll vote him in quickly

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  • spider68

    This article is very perplexing to me. A retired gunny that cannot manage his finances to the point that his electricity is turned off. If he is a retired marine, his income is not FIXED. Military retirees receive cost of living allowances every year. At least, I do. Maybe he retired from a different military than I did.
    Ladies and gentlemen, it is my gut feeling that this is nothing more than another of Greg McLemores shenanigans. This individual is echoing everything that McLemore has to say, and for some unknown reason, there are some people in this city that will allow McLemore to lead them around by the nose. McLemore will not be representing Ward 3 after the election, so he is trying very hard to get his puppets elected. (Another being Ricky Sykes).
    I am confident that the voters of this city has had enough of Greg McLemore, and will keep Mayor Ashburn in office, keep Mrs. Hillard in Ward 5, and elect Mrs Lawrence for Ward 3.

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  • bobs94

    This is comical. I would be willing to bet that I could find a way to budget this man’s “fixed income” in less than an hour so he could keep his lights on. Freeloader.

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  • handkusp45

    So we ought to elect a man to run the city who cannot run his own affairs? I mean he had his electricity cut off for non-payment and yet he can manage city business? Really? He is another of those who talk about getting government funds. Do these people not know that the government can’t “give” you anything that they don’t first take from us. I’m tired of my tax dollars going for entitlements. He is just another example of what is killing the American dream. That is freeloaders taking from workers. Mayor? I think not!

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    • concernedcitizen

      I agree with handkusp45! how can he run the city if he cannot pay his own bills?

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      • Liberty With Responsibility

        Y’all bring to mind a Top-40 song from my childhood:
        “he can’t even run his own life, I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine!” By Jonathan Edwards 1971-72. Check it out! Great lyrics for exactly the topic here at TTN.

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