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S.P. Morton offer rescinded by board

Published 11:29am Saturday, June 21, 2014

FRANKLIN—On Monday, Jason Chandler will return to his assistant principal job at Franklin High School after the state pressured Franklin City Public Schools to advertise the S.P. Morton principal job.

On Wednesday, June 11, Chandler was unanimously approved by the board as the new S.P. Morton principal, and he started on June 18.

At its regular meeting on Thursday, the board voted 4-1 to rescind the offer to Chandler after receiving legal advice from the Virginia School Boards Association. Dawna Walton voted nay. Ward 1’s Will Councill elected to abstain due to not being present during the closed session where this was discussed, and Ward 4’s Sherita Ricks-Parker was absent.

The board will open the position up for interviews. Chandler, who is certified to be a principal, including on the elementary level, is able to apply for the position.

  • DBenton

    I’m betting this was a huge mistake by the School Board. They had just a few weeks ago signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the State Board of Education, and then apparently didn’t follow the rules as set forth in the MOU. An amazing show of apparent ineptitude!

    Ms. King – How much longer will we be asked to endure the repeated leadership deficiencies? Please do the community a favor and resign from the School Board NOW!

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    Same type of fiasco they had when they hired the last principal. Incompetence at central office still haunts FCPS.

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  • mr23851

    If I’m not mistaken, the job must be posted for a certain length of time and interviews conducted to be legal and fair to everyone who is certified to be a principal and may want to come to Franklin. Thats why the legal advice was taken. I hope he gets the job but it has to be done the right way or it will end up costing the city money because proper procedure for hiring was not followed.

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    • kp

      Agreed! Proper procedures and protocols have to be followed to avoid potential legal issues a action.

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    • JustWondering

      And the board and HR Director didn’t know (1) the law, (2) their own policies and (3) the guidelines in the MOU/CAP? Wonder how many other laws, policies and guidelines get ignored?

      I agree in part with DBenton, but I have to ask about the full board and the attorney since the vote was unanimous and the attorney is present at meetings, in closed session and reviews personnel matters!

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      • DBenton

        You might want to adjust your statement here ever so slightly. Yes, the city attorney is present at MOST School Board meetings. Do yourself a favor, and find out whether, or not, the attorney was present at the June 11 meeting when the Board stubbed it’s toe by appointing Mr. Chandler the next principal at SPM.

        The Board needs to carry the blame for this gaffe, and not the city attorney. The Chair signed the MOU. She ought to understand the agreement she signed. And where were the minds of the other Board members present who voted unanimously to approve Mr. Chandler? Did ANY ONE of them pause to consider the potential ramifications of their actions with regard to the freshly penned MOU?

        Ms. King can’t resign quickly enough. All of the Franklin community should be screaming this from our collective rooftops!

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  • ncheck

    It appears the offer was rescinded because the state DOE must approve all administrators.Apparently either central office or the school board forgot this.

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  • TaxMax

    It was very exciting to read all of the great thing happening with the scores at Franklin High School on the front page of the TN. Then, I see the small article in the bottom right corner and wanted to throw the paper on the floor. Here is a gentleman who has dedicated his time and efforts in collaborating with Principal Felts, even on the weekends for the SOL Academy, and they “rescind” the offer??? What? Really?

    What ever happened to rewarding someone for their hard work and dedication?!?! Oh I forgot, we are talking about Franklin City Public Schools… I hope he finds a better job elsewhere!

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    This is the norm in the City of Franklin, No one has any idea what they are doing.

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  • saphronie

    What a shame when Mr. Chandler’s work ethic and commitment to FCPS are already established. Let’s hope FCPS doesn’t lose an excellent administrator to some other more decisive school system.

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