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Cutchin was right

Published 10:34am Friday, July 4, 2014


I am writing in reference to the letter written by Ash Cutchin in your July 2nd edition. It was written in such a way that one can understand how we, right here in this area, will be adversely affected if the federal government doesn’t follow our laws in protecting our borders from illegal immigration. The last three paragraphs of Congressman Randy Forbes’ article right next to it, “History is our guide,” reinforces Mr. Cutchin’s letter.

If you overlooked reading his letter, I urge you to find that issue and read it. I plan to follow his advice to contact our legislators, urging them to protect our borders from this invasion.

Joanne Fox


  • handkusp45

    You are exactly right. This is the first time in US History that a President has led an invasion in our own country. Make no mistake about it this flood of criminals, regardless of their age, will do exactly what Obama wants it to do. It will overload the US economic system, including hospitals, social security, and welfare. It will bring the US to its knees and I think destroy it from within. Some of you remember a Russian leader predicting this over 50 years ago. I just never thought I would live to see it. I pity my grandchildren.

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