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Sheriff’s Office captures Southampton Meadows burglary suspect

Published 11:46am Tuesday, July 15, 2014

FRANKLIN—The Southampton County Sheriff’s Office has caught a suspect in connection with a Williams Street burglary, said Maj. Gene Drewery, department spokesman.

The suspect is a 14-year-old juvenile, so his name cannot be released at this point. He is in investigative detention.

He is alleged to have broken into a Southampton Meadows trailer home earlier this month taking an air conditioner, food and drinks, said Drewery.

The Williams Street residence had been hit previously in April, but the homeowner did not report it until July 7 after the second burglary. The homeowner had a camera system set up in his trailer, and was reportedly able to get a picture of the suspect in his home.

The suspect was identified by an anonymous caller to the sheriff’s office. The caller recognized him through the picture that was posted on The Tidewater News.

  • Liberty With Responsibility

    what type of camera was that? something like a game camera? anyone know? I assume you don’t want a flash because perp will see it flash and take the camera?

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  • jeffturner

    Good job TN for posting the pic

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  • rmcclenny

    Thanks for the recognition, Really! Your support is so appreciated…..

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  • Really

    How in the world did they ever solve the crime without McClenny the Great?

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  • Baseball

    The homeowner should have been home and popped a cap in his tail and maybe he will think twice next time about breaking in someone’s house.

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  • employee2

    A picture is worth a Thousand Words or in this case a $1000.

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