Guest Columnist

Underlying causes of grandson’s conduct require attention

Question: My grandson Jack, age 7, was recently diagnosed with ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. His teachers always complain of him interrupting his classmates, kicking ... Read more

Does it really matter if you believe in God?

I hear all the time people saying things like, “my faith in Jesus” or “my faith in God.” But what exactly do we mean when ... Read more

A hunter’s take on fox penning

The practice of fox penning has attracted public attention recently, with good reason. In Virginia, 37 fenced enclosures ranging from 100 to 841 acres are ... Read more

The key to teaching students from poverty

A recent Op/Ed column made a strong case for Virginia’s new governor to take a proactive approach to educating children who live in generational or ... Read more