It’s time to start increasing soybean seeding rates

Small grains are maturing rapidly and soybean planting will soon follow. While there is little benefit to having more than 70 to 80 thousand uniformly-spaced ... Read more | Add your comment

New funding available for forestry practices in Virginia

Well-managed, productive forests offer numerous conservation benefits, but the long growth cycle of trees can present a financial challenge for landowners seeking to retain working ... Read more | Add your comment

Riverkeeper urges ranchers to take advantage of USDA fencing program

With less than a month to go in Virginia’s 100 percent funding for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, Riverkeeper Jeff Turner ... Read more | Add your comment

Cotton plants vunerable to thrips damage

I am not referring to the popular street-racing movie series, but this title seems fitting for most of our planting seasons. Early May conditions have ... Read more | Add your comment

Participation sought in weed management survey

Dr. Michael Flessner, extension weed science specialist at Virginia Tech, is conducting a survey related to weed management issues in Virginia, according to Austin Brown, ... Read more | Add your comment

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