Resurrection changes everything

Happy Easter! While our society has made Christmas the “bigger” celebration, Easter Sunday is the day that confirms all that Jesus said and all that ... Read more | Add your comment

‘Batman vs. Superman’ — the positive slightly outweighs negative

If you have any intentions of seeing “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” I suggest you go to the theater to see it immediately. Not ... Read more | Add your comment

Looking back: B.A. Williams for judgeship gains momentum

Efforts by Franklin-Southampton lawyers to have Southampton County Judge Ben Williams Jr. appointed as Associate Judge of the Second Judicial Circuit gained momentum Monday. Both ... Read more | Add your comment

O’Berry and Rich exchange wedding vows

Shannon Victoria O’Berry and John Mitchell Rich were married on Saturday, September 26, 2015, at half past five o’clock in the afternoon in the courtyard ... Read more | Add your comment

Dress yourself in a smile and check out the ‘Annie’ timeless story

I am a redhead and I adore musicals… so I’m sure you can imagine what an important place Annie had in my childhood. I watched ... Read more | Add your comment

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