Brent and Joan Martin of Ivor, together with Glenda and Johnny Scott Jr. and Larry Bradshaw, all of Franklin, are pleased to announce the engagement ... Read more | Add your comment

A hidden treasure

At breakfast, we tell Mrs. Mckenzie that we’re going to the gardens that she mentioned yesterday. She expands on the directions. It’s just out of ... Read more | Add your comment

Atrophy – (noun) at·ro·phy: Wasting away or progressive decline, often from disuse

Like most of you, there are many places I would rather spend a day than the doctor’s office, so when I began to notice a ... Read more | Add your comment

Sundance Review: ‘Swiss Army Man’ is a treat

I just saw Paul Dano ride Daniel Radcliffe through the ocean like a jet ski, using Radcliffe’s farts as propulsion. That sentence illustrates the absolute ... Read more | Add your comment

What attracts us to other people?

Q. As a man, why do I often want the woman I know I don’t need? Read more | Add your comment

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