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You asked: City of Franklin explains why it’s passing along fuel surcharge

During the Franklin city council meeting on April 22, Franklin Power & Light announced it would be passing along a fuel surcharge from Virginia Dominion ... Read more | Add your comment

You asked: No car washing on Franklin streets, sidewalks

Spring is traditionally a time for more than cleaning your home. Whenever the weather’s sunny, Franklin people will often be out washing or tuning up ... Read more | Add your comment

You asked: Franklin has garbage ordinance, code in place

Franklin has a city ordinance and code in place that specifies what type of garbage is picked up by the city and what type is ... Read more | Add your comment

You asked: Railroad no longer planning to replace Blackwater bridge

Curious about something in Western Tidewater? Send your question to, and we’ll do our best to find the answer. You asked: What is going ... Read more | Add your comment

You asked: Clerk: Higher mileage vehicles could reduce taxes

A vehicle has the possibility of increasing in value if it is considered “low mileage,” said Lynn Beale, clerk for the Franklin Commissioner of the ... Read more | Add your comment

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