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Waking up and shaking up!

For the 11th year, area citizens are gathering to honor the Lord as we observe together our National Day of Prayer at the Franklin Armory ... Read more | Add your comment

Important decisions

Over the next eight days, Franklin residents have an enormous opportunity to help shape the city’s future. On Tuesday, voters will go to the polls ... Read more | Add your comment

Passing of an era requisites the fuel: ‘Franklin on the Rise’

The scuttlebutt (a nautical term about a shipborne water fountain) around Franklin and vicinity is that the cause of Franklin’s decline was the loss of ... Read more | Add your comment

Going for broke with Obamacare

Everything about health insurance was confusing, stupid and horrible long before Obamacare came along. Read more | Add your comment

It’s getting harder to govern, and it’s not just politicians’ fault

We may not know who our next President is going to be, but here’s one thing that’s almost certain: he or she will take office ... Read more | Add your comment

Letters to the Editor

Resident believes McLemore best qualified to be mayor

It is not my intention to bash anyone, because as we look at our city, we need to be focused on building a promising future. ... Read more | Add your comment

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