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At a time like this

World news can be depressing. Whether you get your news through the newspaper, evening news or online, world news tends to be dominated by headlines ... Read more | 2 comments

Competency is the real issue

After much deliberation and perhaps against my better judgment, there is an element of the Franklin City School Board saga that I feel bears discussion. ... Read more | 6 comments

How to leave the cave

Last week I invited you to be free. Today, my hope is to help you to understand how to go about that work. For many, ... Read more

Anchorage getaway

Days are not the most cheerful on Adak; constant clouds, wind and rain create moods that need to be lightened periodically. The Military Airlift Command ... Read more

Chaotic start for transportation board

What do you get when you hand 19 politicians $200 million a year for transportation improvements in Hampton Roads? Read more