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Members of Congress need to spend more time on Capitol Hill

When Paul Ryan became House Speaker a few weeks ago, he made it clear that he has no intention of spending too much time in ... Read more | Add your comment

I’m ready to get ready for Christmas … sort of

Try as I might to resist, there’s a weariness that’s invaded me. It’s a feeling caused by the overwhelming displays, sales and reminders — as ... Read more | Add your comment

How many turkeys died for your dinner?

We’ve spent such a large portion of the past year cringing at the prospect of potential disasters crouching behind every bush: ISIS, Putin, Trump, Belicheck, ... Read more | Add your comment

The first time I cooked the turkey

I have two very special jobs on Thanksgiving. First of all, I wash all of the dishes once the meal is over — a task ... Read more | Add your comment

Helping the heartbeat of America

Local, small, mom-and-pop, independent — call them what you want, but our local small businesses are the heartbeat of our nation. The United States is ... Read more | Add your comment

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