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Progressive education ultimately limits students

Progressivism is the main philosophy taught in schools of education and used to measure quality instruction. Though widely accepted, it is not good. Read more | Add your comment

Fifteen years after Floyd

In all the conversations I’ve had this week about the flood, the most consistent sentiment I heard was that it’s hard to believe it’s been ... Read more | Add your comment

Looking back: Housing Authority may reverse itself

Back in July, the Board of Directors of the City of Franklin Redevelopment and Housing Authority (the Authority) decided to recommend to the Franklin City ... Read more | Add your comment

My dad taught me these three valuable things

Sometimes the best advice doesn’t come from a book, from a microphone, from behind a desk in Washington, or even from people who are leaders ... Read more | Add your comment

Preventing overdose deaths in Virginia

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has announced a 10-step plan to expand health care to Virginians. Step nine is to take bold actions to reduce deaths ... Read more | Add your comment

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