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Super Bowl 50: The NFL vs CTE

An estimated 189 million people are expected to watch Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, which pits the AFC’s Denver Broncos against the NFC Champion Carolina ... Read more | Add your comment

Daddy’s boots

As a young boy, I remember looking up to see a pair of daddy’s boots that sat on the shelf in his closet. To the ... Read more | Add your comment

The GOP did good in Iowa

I don’t know how the primaries will turn out in New Hampshire next week. Read more | Add your comment

Surviving the winter blues

Boy, it’s cold outside. It’s so cold, politicians are picking their own pockets … people are flocking inside the U.S. Capitol for the blustery hot ... Read more | Add your comment

Authorities got it all wrong in Planned Parenthood case

Ann Richards, former governor of Texas, became famous for one quip about George H.W. Bush by saying, “He was born with a silver foot in ... Read more | Add your comment

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