Misguided attempt to cross the Florida Straits

This week, Barack Obama became the first United States President to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge in 1928. His visit is being celebrated as historic; ... Read more | Add your comment

Transient Americans and my parents’ house

I’m lucky that my mother and father are doing so well — lucky that, in our transient country, their home is the hub that unites ... Read more | Add your comment

McLemore’s attendance record leaves work undone

Over the course of my working life, which has been spread across various industries, I’ve had the opportunity to work with any number of people. ... Read more | Add your comment

A no nonsense approach to taxes

Grab a pencil. Here’s a quiz. How many types of taxes can you list that most Americans pay? Two? Five? Here are some of the ... Read more | Add your comment

Defense for hound hunting

Virginia is blessed in many ways. The geographical position of the state puts it in a place where we get a taste of practically all ... Read more | Add your comment

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