Bun burning at McDonald’s

I have a reliable schedule with several days off between trips. One of my fellow newly hired pilots informs me that a local McDonald’s is ... Read more | Add your comment

Confessions of a sports novice

You might have noticed in the sports page on Wednesday the picture of some weird-looking middle-aged man with an uncalled-for smirk. That would be me, ... Read more | Add your comment

Hometown heroes

Ask a young child to describe a hero, and he or she will probably describe a person in a cape who is filled with superpowers. ... Read more | Add your comment

Another program falls to apathy

Back before accepting this job at The Tidewater News, there were a few doubts. The doubts were big, but there were also a few selling ... Read more | Add your comment

Looking at the bigger picture

I love to write. I always have. It’s something that has just come natural from childhood, and where I’ve excelled from the first time I ... Read more | Add your comment

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