The story of a bet with no loser

You lose a friendly wager with a bunch of Wahoos on a college baseball game and you’re rewarded with the most glorious fall weekend you’ll ... Read more | Add your comment

Prepare now for a new world war

Doesn’t it seem to you that history repeats itself ? Read more | Add your comment

Looking back: Apartment project coming to Franklin

An apartment project with 150 units, costing more than $1 million dollars, is planned for Franklin. The site of the project is just off Homestead ... Read more | Add your comment

Bowling for charitable dollars

Western Tidewater has no shortage of civic organizations whose mission is to do good for our community. One of those organizations is the Franklin Rotary ... Read more | Add your comment

Friday night rivalries

As a fan of both Ole Miss and the New Orleans Saints, football has been hard on me until recent years. I recall a very ... Read more | Add your comment

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