St. Patrick’s Day brings needed levity

St. Patrick’s Day couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Read more | Add your comment

The throw away culture and our constitution

I remember when the TV repair man used to come to our house. Daddy would answer the door, greet him by name and escort him ... Read more | Add your comment

Parental apathy

When the Southampton County Public School Board recognizes a student at its monthly meeting for his or her academic or athletic achievements, parents pack the ... Read more | Add your comment

Are expired foods your future diet?

I really should be prejudiced against this week’s topic, but I’m not. Read more | Add your comment

Super Tuesday coming back to bite the GOP

It’s become painfully obvious that the term “Super Tuesday” was coined for the quantity of elections contested, not the quality of participants involved. Otherwise, we’d ... Read more | Add your comment

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