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Resident believes McLemore best qualified to be mayor

It is not my intention to bash anyone, because as we look at our city, we need to be focused on building a promising future. ... Read more | Add your comment

Maybe school board elections are needed

In the movie “The Majestic,” a [character named] Peter Appleton stands before a congressional committee stating “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of ... Read more | Add your comment

Reader questions another’s endorsement of candidate

I am aware of who you are Mr. Rose. I too am a veteran. Shame on you for attempting to divide the black vote and ... Read more | Add your comment

Resident not impressed by Councilman

Councilman [Greg]] McLemore is a rather persistent individual. The citizens of this city has rejected him twice in the past showing that they do not ... Read more | Add your comment

Board member should make program available

In The Tidewater News dated 2/28/2016 appeared a letter entitled, “Education: the sooner, the better.” This letter states the obvious, that exposing young children to pre-kindergarten ... Read more | Add your comment

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