Letters to the Editor

Mark Warner a disappointment as senator

Having voted for Mark Warner as Senator after his doing decent job as Governor, I can express my disappointment in him as Senator. Just another ... Read more | Add your comment

Throw the bums out in Washington

As the 2014 mid-term elections approach, America continues in a lame duck presidency with the lamest of all Barack Hussein Obama at the helm. There’s ... Read more | Add your comment

Sedley teen encourages Heart Association donations

My name is Jenna Johnson. Not too long ago, I sat in a hospital room thinking that my name would be forgotten, and I would ... Read more | Add your comment

Getting the care they deserve

I am writing you with a concern that I have about the men and women who have served in this country for many years. My ... Read more | Add your comment

Fed should not be able to override popular vote

In response to the article in Wednesday’s edition on the first same-sex marriage recorded in Southampton County, I believe it should be noted that by ... Read more | Add your comment

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