Letters to the Editor

Just to make the record straight

This article is in reference to a misprint in Saturday’s The Tidewater News (3/1/14). The article in title, “Public to schools: Next Superintendent should be ... Read more

Resident has faith that school board will make right choice

Honorable chairlady and honorable members of the Board: I have called the Franklin community home for 80 years. I was raised by a single parent ... Read more | 1 comment

Residents encouraged to help start new tradition

Traditions are nice for families, friends – and cities like Franklin. Mardi Gras, a/k/a Fat Tuesday, is the first Tuesday in March. The Downtown Franklin ... Read more

Where do these birds nest?

A mystery to me! My yard and the field in front of our house had thousands of black birds. They find the peanuts that the ... Read more

Article on Edwards appears to be misleading

This week’s news article on Dr. Alan Edwards was very sad news. It seemed like he was being tarred and feathered. In America you are ... Read more | 11 comments