Letters to the Editor

Former Franklin mayor supports Forbes

As a taxpayer, I know all too well the frustration of losing hard-earned income to a government that seems to be spending out of control. ... Read more

I support Forbes

While I expected bad news from the VA’s recently released audit, I am shocked by the performance of our Virginia hospitals. In Hampton Roads, the ... Read more

Cutchin was right

I am writing in reference to the letter written by Ash Cutchin in your July 2nd edition. It was written in such a way that ... Read more | 1 comment

Thank you, TN

Editor: Thank you for the article on local valedictorians. These students have worked long and hard for their achievements. Please permit us to correct one ... Read more

Resident urges county to pass immigration resolution

Thank you for giving the public the opportunity to speak. My name is Ash Cutchin, and I reside on Darden Pt. Road. Dr. [Alan] Edwards ... Read more | 1 comment