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Vietnam veterans deserve recognition, too

The Department of Defense officially classifies Nov. 1, 1955, as the start date of the Vietnam War, but in the past two weeks there have ... Read more | Add your comment

On ISIS smart tactics

Today, on Monday, I was watching the news and contemplating what had gone on over the holiday weekend. Just before the holiday, there was much ... Read more | Add your comment

What should be done with Confederate flag

Being a native of Southampton County and a descendent of three great-grandfathers who soldiered in the Confederate Army, I read with interest the views on ... Read more | Add your comment

All in the eye of the beholder

To the writer of the article titled, “The long road ahead” [by Walter Francis Jr., June 24], we appreciate your sincerity in your views reflected ... Read more | Add your comment

What’s happening to the volunteers?

The Isle of Wight County Board has pulled the carpet out from under the volunteer Events Committee. Yes, volunteer. How can this help the county ... Read more | Add your comment

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