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Business Incubator offers services for Franklin

There is a special opportunity for Franklin businesses being offered at the Franklin Business Incubator. A series of sessions on the international training program “Growth ... Read more | Add your comment

In response to ‘Together a bad project can be defeated’

Society today has evolved in a way that indirectly supports isolation for the individual. Everything from television, social media and even the workplace make being ... Read more | Add your comment

IOW residents should tap breaks on 2040 Plan

Slow down the 2040 Plan; let citizens participate. Read more | Add your comment

Citizens’ property rights receive resounding support

The Virginia General Assembly confirmed my piece of legislation, Senate Bill 872, by vote. It will now be sent to the Governor’s Desk for approval. ... Read more | Add your comment

Area broker supports real estate bill

I strongly supported this bill’s passage, as it will assist the average taxpayer who feels his increased real estate assessment is unjustified, as it “forces” ... Read more | Add your comment

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