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Status quo

As the current members of the Board of Supervisors will confirm, unless I am sick or out of town, I usually attend their monthly meetings, ... Read more | Add your comment

Isle of Wight is fortunate to have Georgette Phillips

I’ve been a court report in the Fifth Judicial Circuit, which includes Isle of Wight, for more years than I care to mention in such ... Read more | Add your comment

Breast cancer support group meets in Franklin

There is a Breast Cancer Support group in Franklin. We meet at 7:00 p.m., the second Thursday of each month at Southampton Memorial Hospital. In ... Read more | Add your comment

Former officer endorses Georgette Phillips for Commonwealth’s Attorney

Now retired, I served my final years in law enforcement as captain of Investigations on Sheriff Mark Marshall’s team in Isle of Wight. Simultaneously, I ... Read more | Add your comment

Former IACP member endorses Marshall for sheriff

During the last 45 years I have had the privilege of working closely with many top-notch professionals in both civilian and military law enforcement organizations. ... Read more | Add your comment

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