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What if color didn’t matter?

There they stood. Blacks and whites, side by side. Holding hands. Heads bowed, eyes closed. All praying together to the same God. Read more | Add your comment

Before it’s too late

Statistics show that an accident occurs once every 5 minutes in Virginia. We take preventative measures to avoid becoming another number in the crash report ... Read more | Add your comment

This summer, give blood

About the same time that most folks are thinking of heading to the beach or to the mountains for their summer vacations, the American Red ... Read more | Add your comment

Big Brother?

Of all the activities a governing body should be accountable for, perhaps none is more important than how it spends taxpayer dollars. So when a ... Read more | Add your comment

Appreciating dad for all he’s done

We’ve all done it. Stopped at the store for a last-minute Father’s Day gift, giving dad everything from cheap cologne and wacky ties to golf ... Read more | Add your comment

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