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Aggressive promotion of Pretlow

We all know that person. Any opportunity he or she gets to sell their competence to the boss, or even the boss’s boss, will not ... Read more | Add your comment

Historical Society preserves our culture

In nearly every city or county or region of Virginia — and we’d go so far as to say throughout the United States — there ... Read more | Add your comment

Shared wastewater only worthwhile if it benefits taxpayers

This newspaper has long been of the opinion that careful consideration of opportunities for shared-services arrangements between Western Tidewater localities can only serve to benefit ... Read more | Add your comment

Service, dedication deserve recognition

Western Tidewater has been blessed over the years to have several homegrown businesses serve as the backbone of our local economy. Two of them celebrated ... Read more | Add your comment

Schools’ partnership is promising

The announcement that Paul D. Camp Community College is taking J.P. King Jr. Middle School under its wing is encouraging news. Read more | Add your comment

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