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Why the reluctance about the gifted program?

In an age when schools are deemed a success or a failure based in large part by standardized test scores, it stands to reason that ... Read more | Add your comment

Hiding behind closed doors

As President John F. Kennedy once said, “The very word, secrecy, is repugnant in a free and open society, and we are as a people, ... Read more | Add your comment

It’s fatal now to point

We can remember a time when children played cowboys and indians or cops and robbers and no one got killed. Kids would crook their fingers ... Read more | Add your comment

It’s time to end the 460 fiasco

The good folks at dictionary.com define the word fiasco as “a complete and ignominious failure.” A quick check of the word ignominious revealed its definition ... Read more | Add your comment

A fitting end to bad legislation

On Wednesday, the subcommittee that was assigned to hear them voted down two pieces of legislation. House Bill 1405 and House Bill 1438, both designed ... Read more | Add your comment

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